How to Fix Broken Floor Tiles

By HomeAdvisor

Updated February 28, 2017

Age, foot traffic and accidents can crack your tile flooring. If you’re dealing with damaged tile in your home, use this guide to make the necessary repairs:

The tools you’ll need:

• Hammer
• Painter’s multi tool
• Notched trowel
• Sponge float
• Grout sponge
• Rags
• Margin trowel
• Thin set
• Grout

1. Remove the broken tile. Use a painter’s multi tool to pry away the broken pieces. Be sure to remove everything down to the inset.

2. Remove the thin set. Use your painter’s tool to remove the old thin set and expose the subflooring.

3. Mix the new thin set. Pour the thin set mix into a bucket and add water to create a paste. Use water sparingly when mixing.

4. Spread the thin set. Use a notched trowel to spread the thin set. You can also add some to the back of the tile before you set it.

5. Grout the tile.

• Measure the grout per the manufacturer’s instructions and add water. Mix the grout using a paint stick to create a thick paste.
• Spread grout over the tile edges and use a float, tilted at an angle, to force the grout into the area between the tiles.
• Run the float over the top of the tile to remove any excess grout.
• Wait 15-30 minutes for your grout to dry and then use your grout sponge to wipe away any excess material.
• Wait three hours and wipe down your grout again.

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