Breakfast nook

Breakfast nooks are making a resurgence in the home building and remodeling industries. Homeowners are rediscovering the value of having a cozy, well lit place to enjoy meals in the comfort of their own kitchen. And with a large variety of design possibilities available to choose from, everything from an actual secluded “nook” built off the kitchen to more open designs, there are options out there to fit almost any homeowner’s fancy.

Heart and Soul of the Home

In any home, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. Think about it. When your family gathers or when you invite company over for entertaining, where do you inevitably end up? The answer for most people is in the kitchen, hence the growing popularity of this age old addition. Because kitchens are so central to a home, many homeowners are embracing the idea having a comfy, inviting space in their kitchen where a person can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or a small meal with a few family members or close friends. The answer to such desires is the breakfast nook.

Tradition and Innovation

The traditional breakfast nook is a snug, windowed area just off the kitchen that fits a small table with benches or chairs. Usually looking out on a backyard or garden area, these additions provide a space for close social interaction or quiet contemplation without having to leave the comfort of your kitchen for other places in the home. While this inviting scenario can be a wonderful place to gather or escape, not all homeowners take a shine to that secluded feeling.

Not to worry. Your nook doesn’t need to be a semi-separate enclave. Many current designs incorporate an open, well lit plan that is nothing more than an extension of the kitchen, separated by a change in flooring or color to signify it is an independent and special area. Regardless of your preferences, traditional or more modern, there is a design out there to suit your sensibilities.

Outfitting Your Nook

While the basic architectural structure of your nook will provide it with a character in and of itself, what you choose to incorporate into that area will play just as big of a role in creating an inviting feeling. Even something as simple as the type of table you choose will create a certain ambience. For the more traditional architectural designs, homeowners often go with a table with benches or a booth, making for a more communal and cozy feel.

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For the more open designs, a table and set of regular chairs are more appropriate as they can be configured easier to fit the less structured design. In addition to furniture choices, painting your breakfast nook a warm and inviting color and installing welcoming window treatments will go a long way in making your refuge a place where you’ll want to spend your mornings.

Other Thoughts

On a completely different note, consider carefully what will be on the other side of the windows. Since one of the most pleasurable aspects of this kitchen addition is gazing out the window while you sip on a hot cup of joe, you want to be sure what lays beyond is worthy of your attention. Backyard facing alcoves are generally preferred unless you don’t mind your neighbors looking in on you every morning (or maybe you prefer keeping track of neighborhood activities!).

Flower gardens and other attractive foliage aren’t only easy on the eyes, but often attract wildlife for viewing as well. And if you’ve got a great view at your disposal, but all means make sure you take that into account when you decide where your nook will be built.

If you’ve been looking for a cozy and inviting spot to start and finish your day, a breakfast nook just might be the solution you’ve been searching for.

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