Childproofing Basics

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Updated October 20, 2016

Child gateThese days homes seem to have a great many potential dangers for young children. Follow these simple steps to ensure your child’s safety:

1. Tall lamps or anything taller than your child that can be pulled over should be taken out of the child’s environment or be blocked off with furniture so that your child cannot get into it.

2. Poisons should not be kept under the sink, regardless of whether or not the cabinet is childproofed. Poisons should always be kept in upper cabinets, out of your child’s reach.

3. Magnets on refrigerators are not a good idea. If they fall on the floor, your child could put it in his or her mouth and choke on it.

4. When cooking, all pot handles should be turned in so your baby does not reach up and pull the handle. If possible, use your back burners first.

5. Hanging cords from answering machines, phones, lamps, and appliances should be out of your child’s reach.

6. Always keep the VCR out of reach so your child cannot put his or her hands into the mouth of the tape opening. Keep a tape in the VCR to prevent your child from putting little fingers inside.

7. Wall hangings should never be put over the crib. If your child pulls it down, nails could come loose and fall into the crib, not to mention having the glass break in the crib.

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8. Mobiles should be removed when your child is 5-7 months old. Children can pull the mobile down and the little strings from the mobile can be wrapped around your child’s finger and cause injury.

9. Cords to blinds should be lifted high out of reach of your child. Children can pull the cords and could be accidentally strangled.

10. Turn your hot water down below 120 degrees to prevent scalding.

11. Pet doors should be blocked off so your baby does not go through the door. Babies tend to follow animals outdoors.

12. Tablecloths hanging over the edges of the tables can be pulled down and everything on top can fall on your child.

13. A baby must never be left unattended-even for just 30 seconds-outside or in a bathtub.

14. Your garage must be off limits to children.

15. Do not use tacks or staples to secure electrical cords to walls. They can fall or be pulled out and swallowed.

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