Exercise at Home with Your Home Fitness Equipment

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Updated March 24, 2020

Home fitness room
Everybody’s trying to get into or stay in shape. Ironically, today’s frequently high-paced lifestyle leaves little time to get that all-important cardio workout. Even taking the stairs everywhere is rarely sufficient to keep your body where you want it. You could buy an expensive membership at a commercial gym, but not only do the membership fees drain your wallet, but you have to add an extra commute to your day just to get your workout, as well. Instead, you can invest your money into a workout room right in your home. If you’re just looking for something to try out, a simple fold up treadmill or 8-minute workout video is probably what you’re looking for. For people who are serious about their general physical fitness, buying a small array of home fitness equipment for a home gym can make for a great investment that will add value to your home.

Home Fitness Equipment

There’s no one answer for the home fitness equipment that’s right for you. You should probably look for one piece of equipment that you know you’ll use and enjoy. You’ll want to supplement this equipment with an eye to the other areas of fitness you need to cover and to any budgetary constraints. You probably don’t want to spend $1,000 or more on something you’re not going to use on a regular basis. On the other hand, making a considerable investment in your home fitness equipment is a great way to motivate yourself to workout.

Ideas for Home Exercise Equipment

  • Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, and Step Machines: Two of the most common pieces of home exercise equipment. They’re easy to use and operate. They’re a great staple to any home gym. Neither piece of equipment is cheap. New equipment can range up to $1,000 or more, although you may be able to find a serviceable used model.
  • Specialty Machines: For people who like a more advanced, challenging workout, you might think about rowing, cross country skiing, and recumbent cycles. They can take a little while to master their use, but these machines can also provide more unique and entertaining workouts.
  • Resistance Equipment and Free Weights: Multi-station resistance equipment and free weights can be a reasonably priced addition to any home gym, and will allow you to target specific areas not addressed by your general cardiovascular exercise equipment. You do need to be careful with resistance equipment, as it is the most likely equipment to cause injury.
  • Balance Balls and Calisthenics: The most underestimated part of any workout continues to be calisthenics. Even the warm up and cool down of a workout can’t substitute true calisthenics. Balance balls or even a simple mat is a cheap addition to your workout room and could turn out to be one of your most valuable.
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The idea of exercising from home on your home fitness equipment may sound appealing, but you may have no idea where you could put this new equipment. Chances are you don’t need a ton of help finding decent and affordable exercise equipment, but the problem of available space isn’t so easily solved. Many homeowners decide to install home exercise equipment when their kids leave the nest, but this usually involves some kind of home remodeling. The carpet your teenager has been using for the last ten years is, needless to say, less than the perfect flooring for your home gym.

Even if you don’t have a room available for your new fitness equipment, there may still be a way if you have the option to put on a home addition. The cost of building an addition to your home probably sounds like a fortune. Admittedly, it’s almost never cheap, but depending on the circumstances, it may not be as expensive as you think. The nice thing is, if you already own exercise equipment or can buy it cheap, you’ll need to spend next to nothing furnishing your new room. More of the cost than most people imagine for a home addition lies in the extras after the construction is complete.


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    I love a workout at home with exercisebike, it makes me feel relaxed and get rid of all stresses from job. Thanks for post and hope to see the next one!

  2. Kettlebell, July 3:

    Exercising at home is really convenient and free of cost. We can choose our choice of fitness equipment and bare ourselves from commute hassles. Kettlebells are my favorite. Nice post. Looking forward to reading the great posts like this one.

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