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Whole House Fans

You know you want to make your air conditioning system more energy-efficient, but the cost of removing and installing an entirely new system can often be prohibitively expensive. If this is the case, you should be looking at auxiliary installations that can work in conjunction with your current system, improving performance without the expense of…

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Outdoor A/C unit

Air Conditioner Maintenance: A Homeowners Guide

When cold weather turns warm, it feels nice. When warm weather turns hot, it might not feel so pleasant. You can always go for the comfort of your air conditioner, but if it isn’t working, you’ll end up feeling the heat.

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HVAC system

DIY Guide: How To Service Your Furnace

Once a year, your furnace needs inspecting and servicing. Skipping this can cause it to fail and leave you cold, or it can cause deadly carbon monoxide to fill your home. The good news is that you can do a lot of the maintenance yourself.

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Burning fire

The Advantages of an Outdoor Wood Furnace

Photo courtesy of EPA Outdoor wood furnaces aren’t for everybody. They have a niche in the central heating market, but they fill that niche well. If the circumstances are right, few heating options provide a more efficient, dependable, and comprehensive heating source. The drawbacks are simple enough. You need to have a reasonably convenient source…

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Heating system

Geothermal Heating Systems

Geothermal heating systems use the earth as a heat source and heat sink. A series of pipes, commonly called a “loop,” connect the geothermal system’s heat pump to the earth. There are two basic types of loops: closed and open. Below is a breakdown of the different types of geothermal systems: Open Loop Systems The…

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Outdoor wood boiler

Heat your Home with an Outdoor Wood Boiler

Photo courtesy of University of Maryland An outdoor wood boiler is a home heating unit that is revolutionizing how those with wood stoves heat their homes. While traditional indoor wood stoves produce indoor air pollution (smoke), unpleasant odors, fire risk, and potential safety risks, an outdoor wood stove provides efficient, independent heat without any of…

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Green Air Conditioning

When it comes to systems in your home that are decidedly un-green, air conditioning ranks pretty near the top of the list. According to the Rocky Mountain Institute, air conditioning accounts for nearly 50 percent of the energy use in the United States during peak summer months, and air conditioning is responsible for nearly 100…

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AC Check Up

Air Conditioning Check Up 101

Any time is better than never, but spring is the ideal time to budget for an air conditioning tune-up. Early air conditioner maintenance can prevent many small problems from becoming more expensive repairs later on. Furthermore, if your air conditioner check-up is scheduled for spring, you’ll also beat the long waits and higher prices that…

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Air conditioning cover

Air Conditioner Covers

Air conditioning is an invaluable home installment that most Americans can’t live without. The first time you live in a place where the air conditioner breaks down is an experience you probably won’t forget. Quality air conditioners (either window units or central air) are crucial to maintaining a consistently cool home, and these air conditioners…

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Apartment white radiator

Piping Hot: Cast Iron and Aluminum Radiators

Steam and hot water heating systems have been used in homes for over 100 years, and many systems installed more than 50 years ago are still functioning extremely well today. The type of heat they provide is safe, effective, and many would say, more comfortable than that of dry heating systems. In addition to their…

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