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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal: A Primer

Warning – Hazardous Material! There’s a number of reasons to remove asbestos containing materials from your home, but by far the most important reason is you and your family’s health. This is nasty stuff and a proven cause of cancer and other lung problems. Basically, any time asbestos containing materials are disturbed (be it through…

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Mildew Removal

We see it on the shower curtain. We witness it growing in the basement. We notice it whenever we enter into a moist area of the house—that mildew-y smell. But what exactly is it and where does it come from? Well, mildew is a very specific form of mold that can grow anywhere in the…

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Kitchen with gas stove

Gas Detectors

Gas detectors are more important to home safety than ever before. Indoor air pollution has become a bigger health concern than outdoor air pollution in many parts of the country. Mold and mildew are just two of the many factors that threaten our indoor air quality. Carbon monoxide and other gases from various home appliances…

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Various wires connecting at electrical box

Electrical Wiring Safety at Home

Working with electricity requires care because of the risk of damage, fires, injury, and even death. Homeowners without training in electrical work often tackle jobs they’re unprepared for, which can result in potentially devastating electrical accidents. One of the main problems with novices attempting to finish electrical work is their ignorance of the potential dangers…

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Water flooding

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is one of the most rapidly growing and evolving industries in the country. What used to consist of a contractor setting up a few fans in a flooded basement has now become a bonafide science, largely in part to the greater understanding we now have of the serious negative health repercussions that…

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Unfinished basement

Basement Mold Removal

Your basement is one of the most common areas of the home for mold to prosper. Mold is a fungus and, like many living organisms, all it needs to grow is the presence of water and something to feed on. Basement mold is so common because these conditions are so easily created. Dry basements are…

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Pressure machine

Healthy House, Healthier Body

Though factors like exercise, lifestyle and age certainly play a huge role in our bodies’ natural immunities, your environment can also help or hurt your chances of getting sick. Issues like mold, radon and carbon dioxide can be hazards to your health. If your home contains one or more of these elements, you may be at…

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Purified water drop

Water Treatment Systems Purifies the Home

If you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water, filters are a viable and affordable option that will give you bottle-quality water straight from the tap. However, as home water purification systems are available in a wide variety of set-ups, knowing the best one for your home can be difficult. While top-of-the-line drinking…

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Chimney Bombs

Chimney Bombs

This sounds sensational, but in fact it may much closer to the truth than many homeowners are willing to imagine. Residue from your hearth fire makes its way up your chimney and builds up on your flue over time. This residue, known as creosote, is responsible for the most intense and destructive fires that occur…

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Air vent in glass block window

Air Cleaner Basics

Today’s homeowners are becoming more and more aware of the advantages of having an air filter in their homes. Just as many people are concerned with filtering the water they drink, filtering the air we breathe can make a significant difference in the amount of allergens and toxins we take in on a day-to-day basis….

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