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Mud room with shelving

A Mud Room or a Disaster Area?

A mud room is usually a transitional space between an entryway and the rest of the house, which often acts as a storage area for unsightly outdoor articles. And even though this is a great place to stockpile your coats and hats, your ski poles and snowshoes, and your tools and dirty boots, this area…

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French chateau home

Chateaux Chic: French Country Decorating

In the States, it’s easy to get confused about what things France is really responsible for. We’ve got French fries and French toast to go with our French braids and French manicures. The origins of these and others are, at the very least, suspicious. In the tradition of the real France comes French country decorating….

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basement den

Traditional or Modern: Decorating a Den

Whatever happened to the den? That secluded, often shut off room where one could go to relax after a hard day, or perhaps utilize when work needed to be done without interruption—where did it go? Many would say that it’s still there only with a different name, like office or living room. Office doesn’t really…

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Room divider

Room Dividers and Partitions

Larger homes are finding larger households, as the housing boom has created bigger homes and the housing bust has strained people’s ability to pay the mortgage. More and more households are multi-generational—up from 4.8 percent to 5.3 percent in the last eight years—or they’re just multi-family households, period. Neighbors are moving in together, married couples…

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40 Home Decor Items From Your Favorite Shows, Movies & Video Games

While the actors, writers, and directors are often prized and exalted for successful entertainment, set designers are often overlooked. In truth, their creativity and attention to detail are a major part of what makes our favorite TV shows, films, and video games so captivating. This infographic celebrates the decor that brings a fictional environment to…

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Romantic dining table setup

Romantic Home Enhancement

As summer arrives, the birds and bees take flight and love is in the air. Every couple knows it, which is why June weddings have becomes so popular: the season itself exudes romance. This also makes June a month full of anniversaries. But what are you going to do to celebrate? Another boring bouquet? One…

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Reclaimed furniture

Decorating with Reclaimed Materials

Homeowners with a taste for history and authenticity can now readily find classic materials and fixtures for their properties by making use of architectural salvage. Architectural salvage offers homeowners a unique and interesting alternative to the products offered by chain home improvement centers. Dressing your home with reclaimed materials has a few other benefits that…

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