Condo Renovation Considerations to Save Space

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Updated July 12, 2017

woman in small, crowded but organized condo

Is your condo feeling more cluttered than cozy? Are bulky furnishings and wasteful walls swallowing up your space?

Tiny condo living is on the rise in urban spaces, often giving homebuyers only a few hundred square feet to work with. Even larger condo owners can quickly find themselves pressed for room. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice style to create an efficient and organized space.

By following these five design, storage, and organization tips, you can turn your crowded condo into the organized, open space you crave.

#1) Wall Mounts: The Ultimate Space Saver

In small spaces, it’s important to make the most of your vertical space, i.e. the walls around you. The best storage solution? Wall mounts. Wall mount shelving and storage racks free up the clutter in your kitchens and bathrooms and get your stuff off the floor.

Adding wall mount storage to your closets can eliminate a bulky dresser from your bedroom or act as a display for fun accent pieces in your living room. And, with a wide variety of modern and classic styles you can buy at the store or make at home, you can save space while adding to your décor.

#2) Repaint in Neutral Pallets (But Don’t Forget a Fun Accent!)

Update your condo with a fresh coat of neutral white, grey, or beige paint to make your small space feel light and airy. However, don’t feel like you’re chained to boring shades and hues. While bright colors reflect light, fun patterns and sharp accent colors add depth to a small space, giving it an open and spacious look and feel. Use the same accent color throughout the condo to create a cohesive look in your small space. Try a trendy red or vibrant blue for a fun, energetic feel.

Another quick way to make your room feel more roomie is to use raised furniture (think midcentury-modern). Not only does this help create a sleek, modern design that make a space appear larger, but you’re creating additional storage space (if needed).

#3) Find Space in Interesting Places

Believe it or not, there are spaces in your home going to waste that could be used for storage. Professional designers can help find unused space and put it to use: under stairs, under beds, on the walls, and within furniture.

Invest in furniture that does double-duty. Storage ottomans can double as a coffee table. Desks can function both a work space and as an end table if placed next to a couch.

#4) Create a Better Flow

Nothing makes a small condo look smaller than breaking up your rooms with different flooring, colors, and patterns. To create a seamless flow throughout the home, tear out that carpet and tile and replace it with a wide wood floorboard. The streamline texture elongates the room and creates an open, airy feel.

Instead of delineating spaces with different floor textures, try using large rugs that complement the wood planks and add a touch of color.

For your Kitchen, designers recommend renovating the small space with all the cabinets on one side (instead of galley or L-shaped designs) to create the best flow. Think floor to ceiling cabinets (uppers and lowers) with counter space in between.

#5) Stack Appliances and Upgrade the Water Heater

Older condos often have outdated, space-wasting appliances. Water heaters are a prime example. Large, old water heater units can take up a whole closet’s worth of space! Upgrade to a modern, tankless water heater and reap the storage gains.

Washers and driers are another bulky appliance set that can quickly leave a condo feeling cramped. Placed side by side, these machines are space killers. Stackable washers and dryers make the most of your space.

Ready, Set, Renovate!

A small condo can feel better than a large space with some organization and design sleight of hand. If you’re tired of feeling cramped, use the condo renovation tips in this article to take back your space.


  1. Alveo, November 24:

    I suggest painting it grey because it worked for us. Our rooms looks light and refreshing. It has a great effect to our mood ever since we tried that color.

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