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Updated September 10, 2018

Family Room

Modern families too often find themselves cramped for space when it comes to communal living areas. Besides the old standbys of couches, coffee tables, and a dining room table set, families are now faced with multiple televisions, gaming systems, surround sound home theatre systems, and more. What used to fit into a living room now needs its own space, and a family room addition is often the best choice when it comes to adding an informal, more relaxed gathering area to your home.

Trend Alert: Family Rooms are In!

While it’s still nice to have a more formal and traditional living room for hosting adult guests, home and design trends are more and more making family rooms the focus of the house. In fact, the new generation of family room additions is a veritable all purpose space, one that often includes informal dining spaces, an office corner or desk, home entertainment systems, and, of course, plenty of comfortable places to put up your feet. Battling the kitchen for heart-of-the-home status, contemporary family rooms try to cater to every member of the family so that even if you’re not all doing the same thing, you’re at least all sharing the same space together.

Family Room Additions should be Versatile

While you design your new family room, remember that your goal is a versatile space. Think built in storage in the form of shelves or cabinetry to hold books, board games, and a few family heirlooms for character. Sectional sofas give you the option of stretching out to read a good book, seating the whole family for taking in a movie, or providing plenty of space if you are entertaining guests that don’t need to be pampered in the living room. Other ideas to help create a space that fits everybody is a built in office nook for a small desk and computer, vaulted ceilings to make the room feel larger, and a built in entertainment center to hold everything from the TV to your growing movie collection.

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Don’t Forget the “Family” in a Family Room Addition

While your master bedroom addition is likely to be off limits to the little ones, don’t forget that your family room is for family and should be treated as such. Purchase furniture and carpet that is stain resistant and easy to clean, build benches that double as storage bins for your children’s toys, and don’t chastise your teen for making his video game chair a permanent part of your family room’s overall design. This should be a room you and your family can really live in. Antiques, leather upholstery, and grandma’s china cabinet are probably going to be happier if they’re left out front with the tea set and divan. And if you really want to add to the familial effect, position your family room addition adjacent to other popular gathering areas of your home. If you can wedge it between the kitchen and deck and patio, for instance, you’ve created the perfect crossroads for encouraging family togetherness.

Talk to a Contractor about your Family Room Addition

Talking to a contractor experienced in these types of additions is always a good idea. Whether you decide to tackle a project this large on your own or hire the job out, talking to a professional is, at the very least, an excellent way to get ideas and suggestions about building the best family room possible. And who knows, after having a chat with a well versed pro, you might catch the remodeling bug entirely and start thinking about something like master bedroom addition, kitchen remodel, or bathroom remodel to go along with your new family room addition.

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