Modern Living Room Decor

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Updated January 3, 2017

Modern Living Room

Making the most of the space you’ve got is a common goal among homeowners; and no matter what kind of space you inhabit, it will likely have a living room. This room is meant for entertaining, but if it’s not up to your standards, it might be time to teach that old parlor some new tricks.

Living Room Decor

As the place in the home that guests will likely spend the most time in, your living room decor is especially important. Basically, the living room is a place where you can show your style to the world. It should reflect your interests but have enough universal appeal that anyone who visits can feel at ease.

Modern Living Rooms

One way to make a bold statement with your living room decor is to modernize the whole room. This look begins with taking away all the clutter. A modern living room should be as open and spacious as possible. If some things must be stored there (books, DVDs, etc.), try to find storage units that close or serve another function as well. An end table that also stores a movie collection will make the room feel less busy while performing its primary function at the same time.

Modern living room decor is bright and well lit. If the room’s existing lighting is a bit dim, adding some lamps could make a big impact. Also consider the idea of investing in new overhead lighting. Installing track, rail, or cable lighting to your ceiling will give the room a very modern look and make lighting objects around the room and on the walls a simpler and more flexible task.

Modern furniture is characterized by its solid, bold colors and elegant, yet simple, design. The bolder, the better is the rule, especially if you have white walls or white carpet. Do not sacrifice comfort for style though. It is better to feel good than to look good. Your guests will agree, too.


Every modern room should contain some kind of art. Whether you like paintings, sculpture, photographs or so forth, a living room is a great place to display. Keep it simple. One piece per wall might be too much for some rooms. Also, lighting a piece is almost as important as the piece itself. Even if you didn’t opt for the new track lighting (which, in general, really does make this easier), make sure that the work is able to be seen without a lot of shadow or glare so that everyone who visits can enjoy it.

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Avoid Getting Too Modern

Whether your style is modern, classic, country, or anything else, don’t let your living room decor get out of hand. Remember, this is the entertaining room, so it’s a good idea to avoid extremes, as not every guest will appreciate it. There is a fine line between uncluttered and empty. Walk it carefully! Also, many people equate modern with electronics. While there is a definite connection, they are not one in the same. Having modern style is about being colorful and bold, and creating a good sense of space. It has nothing to do with the number of remote controls on your coffee table. If you need help designing your living room, you can always hire an interior decorator to keep everything balanced.

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