How to Pet-Proof Your Garden

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Updated December 12, 2016

Having a pet that enjoys spending time in the garden requires a two-pronged security strategy: on the one hand, the garden needs protecting from the pet, but your pet will also need to be protected from the garden. Some plants and fertilizers, for example, can be poisonous – with the latter, it’s best to check the label, but also to cross-reference the contents online. In general, organic fertilizers such as manure, compost, or seaweed are safer, non-toxic options.

Meanwhile, if your plants (or the gardener in your family) are trembling with fear at the animal whirlwind you’ve unleashed in the back yard, it could be time to invest in some chicken wire. Cheaper and safer than many of the other options, chicken wire is easy to use – you can roll it around wooden stakes to keep pets off the flower bed, and roll it back up again when you need access to work.

Once you know your beloved furball is safe, you can consider upping the game – and adding more luxurious features to help them enjoy the outdoors. While a $3k designer faux-Bauhaus (bow-wow-haus?) kennel or pooch palace may be overkill, some sort of pet house will allow your creature to shelter from rain or excessive heat. Just ensure the structure is 25% longer and wider than your pet, so they have room to turn and make themselves comfortable.

And why stop with a house? Provide your pet a garden-within-a-garden of its own, and it will be discouraged from going to the areas you’d rather keep pristine. For more details on how to achieve that – and other steps to pet-proof your garden and garden-proof your pet – check out this new infographic which comprehensively describes the defensive measures you can take from both sides of the issue.

How to Pet Proof Your Garden

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  1. Adam Conrad, March 22:

    Also if you have a large garden area, I find it useful to have a portable wireless dog fence (that has its own power source like a battery) that can help you keep the pups within the area you specify. Of course if you want to specify a larger area or a non circular shape then the only option is a costly GPS dog collar, maybe chicken wire is cheaper after all!

  2. Elyn Ashton, November 1:

    These tips of creating a pet-friendly garden are very helpful. I should also mention the presentation via colorful pictures is both charming and entertaining. Anyways every dog owner that has pet be it a dog or cat can use all these information to make their garden safer for their pets.

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