New Baseboard Cover Installation

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Updated November 30, 2016


If you have a baseboard radiator heater, you may think your current baseboard cover looks ugly. In fact, it probably does, or at least, many homeowners share your sentiments and find these generic covers to detract from their home’s décor. Installing baseboard covers is not an expensive project and can greatly improve the look of your home and possibly the comfort of your heating system. Of the many things you want to do with your home but can’t, this is something you can tackle and accomplish in a relatively short period of time. The hardest problem is usually finding a contractor to install your baseboard covers, and that’s where we can help.

Baseboard Cover Options

The benefits of new baseboard covers may include a better distribution of heated air throughout your rooms. Baseboard heaters are well-designed in the fact that heat rises, but are flawed since the heat still emanates from one place in the room. Baseboard covers can help push your air further away from the heater, creating a more uniform air temperature. As for your room’s appearance, not only can your baseboard covers be nearly any color, bolder colors usually work better. With a more neutral color or a color that matches your wall, you’ll probably only succeed in appearing to hide your baseboard heaters. Choose a color that goes with some other element of your room’s décor. This will allow your baseboard to become a part of the décor, instead of fighting it.

Installing Baseboard Covers

Conventional wisdom says that before you can install a new baseboard cover you?ll need to remove the old one, a project that involves a reciprocating saw, a few other minor tools, and 2-3 hours of time per ten feet of baseboard heater. Often, this causes homeowner to hire a handyman or HVAC contractor to install their new baseboard cover or to abandon the project altogether.

At least one company,, has found a way to circumvent this problem for homeowners. Their baseboard covers can be installed in just a few minutes without the use of tools and will retain the superior airflow and safety standards you have come to expect from your baseboard heaters. The subtle, classic look of their covers is sure to meet any decorating scheme.

Baseboard Heaters

The real advantage to better-looking baseboard covers is that it makes baseboard heaters a viable heating option for homeowners. In colder climates, you probably need the extra efficiency of central heating, but people who live in warmer climates may only need room-by-room heating in spots throughout the winter. The appearance of a baseboard heater in your room shouldn’t stop you from choosing this heating option. Baseboard heaters may not be the ultimate wall hanging for your room, but it can be easily transformed into something more than an eye sore.

Most homeowners choose to replace their baseboard covers due to their lousy appearance, but if your baseboard cover falls into disrepair, getting it fixed should definitely be a priority. Baseboard covers keep pets and children away from the heating core. Debris can also fall into your baseboard heater creating a fire hazard.


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