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Study: Cities With the Highest Return on Investment From Home Renovations

Home improvement and remodeling projects have been increasingly popular as more people hang out at home. Spending on home improvement averaged $8,305 over 2020, which is a $745 increase from 2019. The most popular projects were bathroom and kitchen remodels. On average, homeowners spent $2,995 on each project.  And though they may have been fun,…

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A house covered in light decorations on the building and yard

What Do Your Neighbors Think About Your Holiday Decorations? [Study]

Key Takeaways Three out of four Gen Zers preferred sparkling or flashing Christmas lights over standard lights, while millennials liked them the least. More than one in five respondents said neighbors leaving their holiday decorations up for too long had a negative impact on how they perceived them. One out of four respondents got inspiration…

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25 Affordable Ways to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

Photo: Anastasiia Shavshyna / E+ / Getty Images An ideal time to start winterizing your home is before the snow season hits. Heating the house during the winter, however, consumes a lot of energy. It’s also when homeowners typically experience a spike in their utility bills. A home energy audit from a local professional can…

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Blinds vs. Curtains: Which One Is Right for Your Home?

Thanasis Zovoilis/The Image Bank via Getty Images If you are choosing between installing blinds and curtains in your home, consider the style and look you want; your climate control, lighting and energy efficiency goals; and the costs involved in their installation and maintenance. This guide will help you decide whether curtains or blinds are best…

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How to Make Your House Smell Good (+ DIY Scent Recipes)

Photo: AleksandarNakic / E+ / Getty Images From active kids to beloved indoor pets, our homes can naturally retain odors over time, including unpleasant ones. While air fresheners can help mask certain smells, these can inevitably contribute to strong odors inside. If you desire a nose-friendly atmosphere that is fresh and inviting, you’re in the…

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image with text saying, "What's in your carpet?"

Is Your Carpet Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat? [Study]

When choosing between flooring options in your home, personal taste matters. Some prefer the cozy, warm look and feel of carpets, while others prefer a sleek laminate or hardwood finish. Personal preference aside, however, hardwood or tile floors offer one key benefit over carpet: They are much easier to clean. And while you might think…

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man and woman gardening

Is Gardening Easier or Harder Than It Looks? [Survey]

Gardening is on a dramatic rise in the U.S.—demand for seeds in the spring of 2021 matched the blooming sales of the previous spring, when many states were implementing lockdown measures for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic. But increased participation doesn’t necessarily mean gardening is easy for everyone. Some expectations for gardening, especially…

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couple hanging photograph on wall

Survey Reveals How Handy Americans Really Are

As a homeowner, all those tasks your landlord used to do—and your parents did before them—are now on your shoulders. You’ve either got to figure out how to do them yourself or pay someone else to do them. Either way, it would help if you knew how to do a few things around the house….

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roller with blue paint

Types of Paint and Finishes: How to Choose the Right One

You know the color of paint you want, but you arrive at your local hardware store only to find that choosing the color is just the beginning of your painting project. There you find a dizzying array of options, from matte paint to gloss paint to semi-gloss paint, from flat finish to satin finish. Then…

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mom and son doing laundry together

13 Laundry Room Makeover Tips for Any Budget

Photo: Rawpixel / iStock / Getty Images Even if it’s not a central part of your home, chances are that your laundry room could majorly benefit from a makeover. Since our surroundings influence us more than we realize, it’s possible that giving your laundry area a facelift could positively impact your attitude around household chores….

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