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Landscape lights

Light It Up with Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is becoming increasingly popular because of the beauty, safety, and security it provides to the outdoor spaces of a home. Available in a variety of styles for an equal number of uses, these lighting solutions are perfect for making night time the right time in your yard, garden, deck, and porch areas. Everything…

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Lighting the house

Preparing for Lighting Installation

Lighting installation varies quite a bit depending on the individual demands of different projects. Some of today’s most popular lighting projects, like low-voltage lighting installation, are simple enough that many homeowners choose to do it themselves; others, like recessed lighting installation, are simple in theory, but difficult to get right. The following facts and tips…

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Lighting Design

Lighting Design – Learn the Basics

Lighting design is the planning of a lighting system to achieve an optimal lighting effect in a given space. The process may include landscape lighting, exterior architectural lighting, improving the lighting in a specific room or area, or designing the lighting for an entire home remodel or a new home build. A competent lighting designer…

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Chandelier Types and Installation

Traditionally, chandeliers are large, expensive fixtures that are as heavy and difficult to install as they are beautiful. Most of us don’t have ballrooms in our homes. The simple fact is that these Old World style chandeliers are simply too big to fit gracefully into a modern house. For today’s homeowner, a mini or contemporary…

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting isn’t just about safety and security. There’s no reason the curb appeal of your home should be limited to the daytime. The tree you’ve loved, the garden you’ve worked hard to cultivate, the pond you bought with your hard-earned money, and all the other landscape features you’ve painstakingly chosen for your home can…

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DIY Guide: How to Build a Darkroom at Home

These days anyone and everyone with a smartphone can be a photographer. Sony even has a mobile phone category for their World Photography Awards. But, like with all art, there are still photography purists out there, using 35mm film to capture moments of simplicity, complexity and, of course, beauty. Many of them take their film…

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