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Smoking out the Bandits: Raccoon Pest Control

Raccoons are very versatile animals. They will eat almost anything and can live in almost any environment. From city to country, and sea to shining sea, these varmints are a headache for many a homeowner. It’s difficult to find a universal solution to the problems these critters cause. Raccoon removal is different depending on where…

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How to Prevent Raccoons

Getting Rid of Raccoons: Problems and Solutions

Raccoons are like your annoying relatives: they show up uninvited, eat all the leftovers, and leave your place a mess. Although they are cute and furry, raccoons can be a nuisance and in some cases, downright dangerous. Identifying Raccoon Problems Raccoons are creatures of habit. Once they find your house, they will make it a…

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Hive of bees

Know When to Call in Bee Extermination Experts

The recent news about “killer bees,” or Africanized honey bees has plenty of people suffering from a sudden case of apiphobia, or fear of bees. But seeing bees in your yard doesn’t necessarily mean you should call in the bee removal experts right away. Here are some tips and techniques for dealing with your bee…

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Rodent Control: A Primer

If you’re a homeowner, sooner or later you’re almost sure to be faced with the prospect of rodent control. Mice and rats are drawn to human domiciles because of warm, comfortable living spaces and easy food sources. As a result, it’s a rare home that doesn’t experience rodent infestation in one form or another. The…

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Wood damage from termites

Dealing with Termite Problems

Of all the critters that may haunt your home, termites are the most troublesome. In fact, termites cause more damage to homes each year than all other natural disasters combined. Termites live underground in a network of tunnels in the soil. They feed on wood and wood-derived products, making termite damage expensive for homeowners. Detecting…

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Damaged wood

Termite Inspections: More Than Just Looking for Bugs

Termite inspection is the term most commonly used for a general determination of the presence of wood-destroying insects and organisms. Depending on local and state codes, this inspection may include all known organisms or may include only the most common culprits: termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood-boring beetles. A termite inspection is a relatively…

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Bed Bug Extermination: How to Bite Back!

Bed bug infestation used to be a thing of the past, but recently these little buggers have made a bit of a comeback. Like any other pest problem, your first reaction may be to panic or become embarrassed about living in an “infected” or “dirty” home. However, this is not the time to be modest;…

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Is Your Spider Problem a Problem?

You probably know that spiders prey on insects. Most homes have a resident spider population that help reduce other pests from entering and taking over your home. Often, spiders will live outside the home, especially in a garden, where they play an important beneficial role. The spiders living in your home tend to stay in…

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Earwig Pest Control

Myth: Earwigs like to crawl in your ear when you’re sleeping, causing fever and insanity. Fact: Earwigs like to burrow in gardens and basements, making them a real pest for homeowners. What are Earwigs? Earwigs are any of several species of burrowing insects that are reddish-brown in color and around half an inch long. They…

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Squirrel munching on nuts

Squirrel Pest Control

Squirrels can seem harmless enough when you casually see them running around your neighborhood. Be warned, though, in your house a squirrel problem is a serious threat that can endanger your home and your family. As their natural habitat shrinks, squirrels are often forced into your attic, chimney, or crawlspace to live. Gnawing through loose…

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