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close-up of a mouse chewing a wire inside a house
mouse near grain bowl

Best Way to Keep Mice Away from Your Home

The best way to keep mice away is to block entry points, seal garbage bins, control outdoor plants and use traps. You also need to seal pet food, clean countertops and floors and seal dry foods. Ideally, you need to remove anything that can attract mice into your home. Wild rodents in your home can…

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Many black ants outside

Best Way to Get Rid of Ants & Ant Hills in Your Yard

The best way to get rid of ants outdoors is to use a commercial or homemade bait. It destroys the ants you see on the surface and the entire colony below the ground. Boiling water and natural products like diatomaceous earth also work well and don’t add chemicals to your yard or garden. On This…

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Best Home Remedies for Fleas

Home remedies and natural treatments for fleas are safe for your pets and kids. In fact, you probably have some of the products you can use to get rid of fleas, such as salt, baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Some professional flea exterminators in your area might even use natural products. When you want…

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gray house with lush green garden in front under an overcast sky

Pest Control Tips for Prevention and Elimination

When you think of pests, critters like mice, fleas, or termites may come to mind. Ultimately, a pest is any creature that you don’t want in your home. We’ll discuss pest control prevention and elimination tips to help you handle any pest problem that comes your way. Pest Identification Before you set out to eliminate…

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pest control expert at work in a home

How to Find & Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

Finding a reputable pest control company is important to maintaining a safe, healthy home. Protect your family and your investment by taking the right steps throughout the selection process. On This Page: What Do Exterminators vs. Pest Control Companies Do? How Does it Work? What Do Companies Use? Side Effects of the Chemical Sprays &…

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common house spider on a smooth tile floor seen from ground level in a kitchen in a residential home

Guide to Getting Rid of Spiders Around Your Home

Spiders are a common pest, both indoors and out. These crawling pests can be frightening, especially if the spiders are potentially dangerous. Imagining a dangerous spider hiding in a corner of the house or out on the deck or porch can be unsettling. But spider repellents can be a useful and effective means of controlling…

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Snake in the grass
Neat Lawn

Lawn Pest Control: Annihilate the Nuisances

You may spend a lot of time in your yard tackling nuisances such as crabgrass, dandelions, or broadleaf. But your land may be under attack by more than just weeds; it could be infested with other vermin that have their hearts set on destroying your grass and garden. Just as houses can be at risk…

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Bird Openings

Have a Bird in Your Belfry? The Pros Are Here to Help

When one hears the phrase pest control, we often associate it with the removal of termites, carpenter ants, or cockroaches. However, we usually don’t think about our feathered friends as being a nuisance. But, if we’ve learned anything from Hitchcock movies, we know the threat they can create. In fact, bird problems are actually quite…

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