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Beetle indoors

A Homeowner’s Guide to Entomology and House Insects

The joy of swooping a net over an Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly or digging through riverbeds to entrap a tiger beetle might elude the comprehension of most people, but not amateur entomologists. They recognize the preciousness of being close to nature and the insects so many people carelessly loathe and dismiss as pests.¬†Amateur entomology is…

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Roach Control the Natural Way

While cockroach infestations are generally despised by everyone, some homeowners want to avoid the use of dangerous insecticides and poisons while attempting to rid themselves of the problem. Small children, pets, and even some adults can be adversely affected by harsh chemical agents, making the search for natural roach control a common endeavor. If you’re…

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Flea Control

Flea Control & Prevention

What’s reddish brown and black, 1/8th of an inch big, and can lay 2,000-3,000 eggs in a week? A flea. That started out sounding like a bad joke, but flea infestation is no laughing matter. Most people think that fleas only affect domesticated animals, but they’re sadly mistaken. Birds and other little critters that visit…

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Squirrel sitting on the roof

Rid Your Home & Yard of Problem Wildlife

While it can be fun to look out your window and see an animal such as a rabbit or a deer in your yard, they can cause issues. Some wildlife will stray into landscaped areas and gardens where they can damage plants and possibly other property. They can also bring disease carrying ticks, and fleas…

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