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Plastic pipes

Is Plastic Pipe the Right Option for Your Home?

The days of lead pipe are, luckily, a thing of the past. Over the past several years, a number of alternatives, such as copper, bronze, and iron have filled the role that lead once played in home plumbing. However, one option is starting to look like the clear winner over other materials for home use:…

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Kitchen upgrade

Upgrade Your Home Life

There are many home improvement projects that get us excited. Kitchen remodels, basement finishing, attic conversion, and installing new flooring certainly have the interior designer in us anxious to begin planning, but it is often the less flashy, more practical upgrades that make such projects a success. While plumbing and electrical updates are hardly the…

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Kitchen faucet

Get to Know Kitchen Faucets

Your water faucet is probably the most important fixture in your kitchen. Filling pots, washing dishes, and cleaning off and preparing meat and vegetables all happen at the sink. Faucet design and supply companies, like industry heavy Moen faucets, realize this fact and have stepped up to the plate in creating a number of cutting…

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Sump pump enclosure

The Basics of Sump Pumps

If you live in a very flat area of the country, a place of low elevation, or a region with a high water table, then you’re probably at risk for flooding—there’s a reason these places are called floodplains. In fact, after heavy rains, you’ve probably already undergone or heard of people’s experiences with flooded basements….

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Rusty outdoor faucet

Outdoor Outlets and Faucets 101

Outdoor electrical outlets are now pretty much a standard feature on any home. Same goes for an outdoor faucet. What doesn’t always come standard are necessary safety features and homeowner common sense. In order to avoid disaster when it comes to your outdoor electrical outlets and your exterior faucets, it is important to educate yourself…

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Green bathroom

Green Plumbing

When it comes to going green, few aspects of your home have more potential than your plumbing. Greening your plumbing can reduce home energy costs, improve your home from a health perspective, and it’s easier on the environment. If those improvements sound like something you’d be interested in, then read on to find out what…

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Plumbing 101

Plumbing 101 for the Home

Plumbing is an important aspect of a home’s water and waste system which consists of the pipes and system used to carry water through and away from a home. While some jobs require the services of a professional plumber, there are other jobs that can be handled by homeowners; however, before anyone attempts to make…

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Plumbing supplies & parts

Common Thanksgiving Plumbing Issues

Did you know that Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers? While you are enjoying a good meal with your family, watching Uncle Frank doze off before the pumpkin pie is served or watching the football game, plumbers are hard at work at homes all over the country. So unless you want…

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Sink drain

Fixing Clogged Drains

Plumbing problems are. Clogged pipes and clogged arteries already have a visual connection, but the symptoms, causes, and treatment for these two conditions share their parallels. By understanding how your pipes work, the risk factors involved, and how these mechanisms closely resemble the blood vessels of the body, you can responsibly maintain your home’s pipes…

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Wet bar

Adding a Home Wet Bar

While a liquor cabinet provides better storage than throwing your liquor bottles under the sink, a home wet bar will give your setting the full culture of entertainment with ease. When you’re entertaining guests, you don’t want to spend all night fixing drinks. You can go from one cabinet to find a drinking glass to…

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