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Kitchen faucet

DIY Guide to Repairing a Leaky Kitchen Faucet

A leaky faucet is more than just an everyday annoyance. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a faucet that drips one time per second wastes upwards of 3,000 gallons of water each year — that’s enough water to take 180 showers.

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Electrical and Plumbing Costs: Homeowners vs. Small Businesses

Sticker shock is a common phenomenon for homeowners when it comes to various projects around the house. Two hundred bucks for an hour’s worth of work to install wiring for a new household appliance, five hundred dollars because a tree root damaged a sewer pipe— does any of this sound familiar? You might be getting…

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Plumber working under sink

Plumbers vs. Pipefitters: How Are They Different?

© Tom Grill/JGI/Getty Images Reviewed by Jeff Botelho, Licensed Journeyman Plumber.Written by HomeAdvisor. Plumbers and pipefitters are both professionals whose roles are often confused. While many of their tasks are similar, and some pros have experience in both roles, there are some distinct differences. Plumbers are more likely to take on a wider variety of…

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Save Money on Your Next Plumbing Call

Sooner or later, we all have to call a plumber and plumbers can be expensive to hire — there’s just no way around that. However, there are a variety of ways to improve the value you get for your money. Many people make the mistake of shopping for services primarily based on the plumber’s hourly…

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Purified water drop

Water Treatment Systems Purifies the Home

If you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water, filters are a viable and affordable option that will give you bottle-quality water straight from the tap. However, as home water purification systems are available in a wide variety of set-ups, knowing the best one for your home can be difficult. While top-of-the-line drinking…

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Septic Tank Alarms: What You Need to Know

A sounding septic tank alarms isn’t a sure sign of sewage entering your home. But, it could be the sign of a real problem. Here’s how to identify the cause of your alarm and find an appropriate solution. What causes an alarm? Several problems can trigger an alarm — not all of which are threatening….

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Iron plumbing pipes

Hire a Trusted Plumber: Ask 4 Simple Questions

Hiring a trusted professional is key to the success of any project. Ask your plumber these four questions to ensure you’re hiring the right pro for your project. You may even save when hiring a plumber. What license do you have and may I see it? In addition to asking for their license, also ask…

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Kitchen faucet

Why Do Your Faucets Make Noise?

Do your faucets bang and grumble when you turn them on? Do the sounds coming from behind your wall make you nervous when you’re running a bath? Not to worry. Here’s a quick list to help you identify the cause of your faucets’ noises. Pipes If your pipes are too small, distributing water can result…

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Bathroom Faucet

Diagnosing Your Low-Pressure Faucet

If you’re met with only a dribble of water when you turn your faucet on, you’re dealing with low pressure. A low-pressure faucet is usually an easy fix. But sometimes, a slow flow of water from your faucet is the sign of a serious issue. Here are a few tips to help you diagnose the…

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When to Call a Hot Water Dispenser Technician

Hot water dispensers, or dedicated boiling water taps, are handy tools for cooking, cleaning and other around-the-house activities. But, if you’re noticing one (or all) of the following problems, it’s time to call a technician. #1 Constant leaks Heat expansion is the most common cause of dispenser leaks. As your tank heats up, it releases…

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