Hot water dispensers, or dedicated boiling water taps, are handy tools for cooking, cleaning and other around-the-house activities. But, if you’re noticing one (or all) of the following problems, it’s time to call a technician.

#1 Constant leaks

Heat expansion is the most common cause of dispenser leaks. As your tank heats up, it releases excess water through your faucet, resulting in occasional drips. Expansion-related drips are normal and don’t require maintenance. But, if dripping becomes constant or increases in volume, a faulty shut-off valve may be to blame. To avoid potential burns, have a licensed technician make any necessary repairs.

#2 Inconsistent temperature

Your hot water dispenser’s temperature is factory-set. Most dispensers have a user-friendly temperature adjustment feature that makes it easy to address too-hot or too-cold settings. If your water temperature remains the same after you’ve made changes, call a technician to check for a faulty heating element.

#3 Low pressure

The water level in your dispenser determines your water pressure. If your pressure is low, there may be a build-up of minerals somewhere in your dispenser. Call a technician to clear any blockage. DIY attempts can result in serious personal injury or damage to your dispenser. 

#4 No hot water

A tripped breaker or faulty heating element usually causes a lack of hot water. Because addressing this issue poses an electric shock risk, it’s best to call a trained technician to inspect your dispenser. If the problem is a tripped breaker, your technician will show you how to safely reset your breaker box.

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