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Arsenic test

What Do I Do if My Drinking Water Has Arsenic?

What is arsenic? Arsenic is a semi-metallic element. It occurs naturally in the earth’s crust and, therefore, in our soil, drinking water, and food. Traces of the element are normal, but human activity can increase arsenic amounts to an unhealthy level. In the past, arsenic was a component in pesticides used on food, animal feed,…

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Plumber working on a faucet

How to Hire a Qualified, Reasonable & Reliable Plumber

Looking for a Plumbing Contractor? Stuck with a leaky faucet? Thinking about redoing your bathroom or kitchen? You could use a plumbing contractor. There may be a lot of pros out there who can do the job for you. Here’s how to determine what you need. On This Page: How to Find Reasonable & Qualified…

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Water saving irrigation system

8 Water-Saving Home Renovations

Garden Landscape by Conserva Irrigation of Virginia Beach in Virginia Beach, VA Water saving renovations are money saving renovations. Leaky pipes, outdated appliances, and poor irrigation practices hike up your water and energy bills and wreak havoc on your septic system. And, in drought-ridden states, water wasting can be subject to hefty fines and usage…

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Water Heaters

Hot Water Needs

Hot water is one of the many modern conveniences that a lot of us take for granted. When your water heater is not functioning properly or is simply not able to meet the demands of your household, however, we quickly remember what a luxury warm water can be. If your hot water heater is on…

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frozen water handle shut off in the winter

10 Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Home

Photo: CatLane / iStock/ Getty Images Plus / Getty Images Homeowners—especially those who live in cold areas—face the challenge of frozen water in the pipes during winter. When water freezes in a pipe, it expands, increases the pressure inside the pipe, and can cause the pipe to burst. A burst water pipe can cause flooding…

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Remodeled shower area

Guide to Converting a Tub to a Shower

Does your family prefer showers to baths? Maybe you have an older family member who’s having trouble climbing over the tub ledge to shower. Or possibly your bathtub is looking dingy or dated and you’re exploring options to make your bathroom look fresh and modern.

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Bathroom sink

How to Install or Replace a Bathroom Sink — DIY Guide

If you want a fast facelift for your bathroom, think about opting to replace your bathroom sink for an updated, fresh look. This is also a popular project to take on when you need to address other plumbing issues, including leaking faucets. If you’re willing to put in a little sweat equity, you can save…

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Steel faucet

DIY Guide to Fix a Leaky Faucet

Not only does that nagging dripping sound have the potential to irritate you, but it also presents three significant problems: higher bills, wasted water and an increased risk of developing catastrophic leaks and water damage. Failing to fix a leaky faucet is like throwing money down the drain. Every extra unnecessary drop drives your water…

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Walk-in shower

Common Shower Door Problems

The most common shower door style is the bypass door, which has two doors that slide in a frame mounted to the tub’s end walls. This is the most economical design and by far the most popular. It is a design that is also responsible for the greatest amount of shower door problems. If you’re…

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Shower and Bath

Common Luxury: Acrylic Showers and Bathtubs

For master bath remodels and even normal-sized bath remodels, many homeowners find their way to choosing an acrylic shower or bathtub—and for good reason. Acrylic showers are easily maintained, require less intensive cleaning, and last longer than many other tubs. Instead of buying expensive cleaning products that may be harmful to your bathtub, vinegar and…

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