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Bathtub Interior

How to Find & Repair a Bathtub Leak

There are two common kinds of bathtub leaks—the faucet drip and underlying plumbing. In other words, you may be asking this question because you can hear the Chinese water torture of your bathtub, hate wasting the water and are worried about the bathtub. Or, you may have water damage on the ceiling below the bathtub…

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clogged shower drain

Cleaning Out Your Drains

Most homeowners know how to work a plunger and pour chemical drain cleaners down a clogged drain. Yet, sometimes these measures are insufficient for drain cleaning. Either the drain remains clogged or it perpetually re-clogs. When this happens, often because something unusual was pushed or flushed down (think children), more dramatic measures are needed. Drain…

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Indirect Water Heaters

Is It Time to Replace My Water Heater?

Water heaters that use hot water tanks usually last about ten years. Naturally, this is only an average. If you get lucky and maintain your tank, it might last you almost twice as long. On the other hand, it’s not unheard of for a water tank to fail after only two or three years. Tankless…

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Water Heaters

Hot Water Tanks and Water Heating Systems

There are several ways to provide hot water to your home and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are also numerous factors that affect the cost, installation, and what type of system you choose including the size of your home, your water heating needs, pre-existing installations, and regional differences such as local…

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Which States Use the Most Water?

Discussions about sustainability come up regularly in the news and popular culture. From crises like California’s drought, to initiatives like solar power and electric vehicles, green upgrades are a popular and sometimes necessary way to reduce energy use. But did you know that making these changes at home can save you money in the short-…

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House Plumbing Problems and Solutions

Most homeowners are no stranger to common house plumbing problems. While a professional opinion is never a bad thing, not wanting to call a plumber for every little issue is understandable. Your plumbing is a big part of how comfortable your home feels. Small problems like leaky faucets and clogged drains can turn into big…

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Dual Flush Toilet

Dual Flush Toilets

Dual flush toilets are exactly what they claim to be: toilets that give you the option to choose from two different flushes. Why? Because, to put it plainly, it doesn’t take as much water to send number one packing as it does to get rid of number two. By purchasing a toilet with both a…

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3 Tricks to Avoid Plumbing Problems

Tired of calling a plumber? Use these tricks to ward off constant and costly repairs. #1 Insulate pipes. Naturally, pipe insulation is most important in areas where there is the potential for pipes to freeze and burst. The cost of both piping and insulation is tiny relative to the damages when a pipe breaks. While…

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clogged shower drain

Clogged Drains

It happens to almost every homeowner at some point. You flush your toilet, run water in the sink, take a shower and it happens. The water doesn’t go away, but backs up, begins to build in the basin, bowl, or tub and threatens to overflow. You have a clogged drain. Knowing what you can do…

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Clogged Drain Fixes

Most clogged drains get the chemical treatment. Although chemicals can be very effective in removing blockages, they sometimes only temporarily take care of a problem. Or they don’t take care of it at all, which leaves you with pipes full of toxins. First off, try a safer homemade concoction: mix one cup of baking soda,…

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