Which states use the most water? Water consumption, quality, and water supply have been hot button issues in the public eye over the past few years with major news stories such as the drought in California and the Flint water crisis. With these ongoing disasters, the availability and frivolous use of water has been under close watch. This data visualization presents a breakdown of water usage and withdrawals by state and most population county per state in the categories of domestic per capita use, industrial, irrigation, livestock, aquaculture and thermoelectric.

Water Usage by State

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  1. keithga, July 31:

    King county is in Washington state not Virginia.

  2. Tobin Fekkes, July 31:

    Washington’s label, with King County, got axed in favor of two Virginias. Copy and paste, perhaps?

  3. Timothy McClanahan, July 31:

    Why is Washington state missing on the list?

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