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How to Hang a Picture Gallery Wall

How to Hang the Perfect Gallery Wall

Nothing makes a house a home like a beautiful arrangement of paintings and photographs. But, hanging frames can be a little challenging — especially when it comes to correct spacing. Use these seven frame-hanging hacks to upgrade your walls in no time.

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How to Refinish Cabinets - DIY Guide

DIY Cabinet Refinishing – 4 Basic Steps

Worn cabinets make even new kitchens look a little sad. Fortunately, a simple refinish will liven them up without costing you thousands of dollars. Give your kitchen the awe-inspiring look it deserves with these four simple steps:

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How to Paint Chevron Stripes

7 Simple Steps to Paint Chevron Stripes

A chevron accent in your kitchen or living room will give your home the perfect dose of lighthearted pizzazz. While painting a chevron accent looks like a tricky DIY job, Lifestyle blogger and HomeAdvisor contributor, Michelle Hinkley, breaks it down in seven easy steps:

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How to Hang a Wreath Without a Nail
7 Ways to Use WD-40 Around Your House

7 Practical Ways to Use WD-40 Around the House

Believe it or not, WD-40 can be used for more than just for quick hardware fixes. In fact, you can use WD-40 in almost every room in your home. Here’s how: Remove stains. Add WD-40 to a cloth and gently wipe away any blotches on your walls or wood trim. Use a Brillo Pad to…

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5 Easy Household Uses for Baking Soda
Basement Water Damage Prevention
How to Replace a Ceiling Fan

Replacing a Ceiling Fan – DIY Guide

Swapping out your ceiling fan requires a higher degree of know-how than some other projects. If you’re unsure about replacing your ceiling fan yourself, call a pro. If you’re feeling up to the task, follow these simple steps:

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Making Natural Pesticides at Home
How to Hang a Picture on the Wall
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