Kitchen farmhouse sink

The farmhouse sink is one of the most proven and functional sinks available on the market. And because its practical and familiar design harkens back to an earlier, more utilitarian time, it adds a down home feeling to any kitchen. If you’re thinking about installing a new sink in your home and like that farmhouse feel, this might be exactly the style of sink you’ve been looking for.

In addition to the cost of farmhouse sinks, you’ll want to make sure the one you get is professionally installed and secure. While beautiful and functional, farmhouse sinks can weigh heavily on their supporting cabinetry. The right pro can make sure that yours is set up for life.

The Defining Characteristics of a Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse design will definitely take you back to Grandma’s kitchen. It’s made with functionality in mind, and its signature trait is an “apron” front that drops down in front of the sink instead of stopping at the edge of the countertop. It’s made for heavy use, and built to weather the spills, drips, and splashes that came with keeping a kitchen on the farm.

Not Grandma’s Sink Anymore

Of course, few people go day in and day out baking, cooking, canning, and performing all the other tasks that made a farmhouse style sink so valuable and functional in times past. In the modern kitchen the farmhouse sink is installed as much for looks as it is for its excellent utilitarian design. And because functionality is just one of the factors modern homeowners take into consideration, there’s a wide range of additions and features that you can add to your new sink to adapt it to more modern sensibilities.

Single Basin vs. Double, Triple, Etc.

The traditional farmhouse sink consisted of a single, large basin. This was perfect for the large pots and pans that went with the multitude of cooking chores that were necessary on the farm. The bigger the space, the better, as they say. Not so today, however. Most homeowners prefer at least a double basin to accommodate several different cooking tasks, and of course, a garbage disposal. If you’re a professional chef, or just like to pretend you’re one, triple basin professional style sinks are also out there for the taking.

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Ceramic vs. Other Materials

If you want to stay true to the farm, there really isn’t a substitute for the white, ceramic (or fireclay) sink. Anything else would look forced in a country style kitchen. If you want to meld tradition and modernity, however, there are farmhouse apron sinks out there available in just about any material you can imagine. The most popular are metal sinks. Behind the traditional ceramic, stainless steel, and copper farmhouse sinks steal the show.

If you’re interested in a farmhouse sink, talk to a kitchen fixture retailer about which design is going to best for you. And while you’re at it, don’t forget that traditional design doesn’t stop with the sink. Talk to kitchen remodeler or interior designer about renovating your kitchen to match. With a traditional country kitchen, every day spent can take you back to the warmth and comforting smells of Grandma’s kitchen.

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