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Updated December 17, 2018

Christmas Dining Table

The problem with most of us is we are inflexible. Sure, we like to believe we would do the right thing, the most logical solutions. What is funny is during heavy times like the holidays, we wind up tripping over ourselves doing reckless things because we are afraid to change our systems. Here are a few things you could do to your kitchen for the holidays.

Rearrange Your Kitchen Cabinets

Figure out what is in your kitchen cabinets that you’re not going to use. If you won’t be using wine glasses because grandma won’t allow it, move all of them into the pantry or storage to free up that space.

Most people just have a shelf or cabinet for their baking supplies like muffin tins, pie pans, and cookie sheets. If you are going to use these, consider setting them out on the counter or rearranging them so what you need is on top and easy to find.

Basically, you want to move anything that will be in your way once you start all the nonstop cooking and bring in anything currently not in your kitchen you will need like a crock pot. It sounds scary, but you can put everything right back after the holidays are over.

Move Your Appliances

If you are like most people and store your mixer in another room, consider moving it into the kitchen for the holidays. If your kitchen is small, move the microwave during this time.

Before any of the cooking begins, clean your oven thoroughly. You don’t want the house to fill up with smoke and ruin your first meal because the oven wasn’t cleaned properly. If you have a self-cleaning oven, this is no sweat. Just remember to do it.

Be Prepared for Future Events

Certainly there is more entertaining to be done than just Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sometimes birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and Independence Day can bring 50 people over. These times are no different from the traditional holidays in that you need to make your cooking or entertaining space work well for you long before you even work in it.

Clean off the grill and the grill grate. Find those grilling tools: tongs, long fork, spatula, lighter, etc.

In the kitchen, if you aren’t making pies, won’t be using the mixer or have no use for the crock pot, store them. There is no sense in reaching over or around these items when they can just be stored.

Outdoor Kitchens

If you have an outdoor kitchen and will be using it, treat it the same as your indoor kitchen. Bring out any items you will need so you aren’t constantly running back inside for something while the steaks burn.

If you have a sink with a garbage disposal, throw some lemon peels in so the odor does not mix in with your grilled foods. Check for any issues and get your disposal repaired right away so you don’t have food lying there and rotting.

Bring flatware and dishes out ahead of time and plenty of cutting boards to move the meat and veggies from the grill. Foil is always handy and a few knives to check the meat.

Last Minute Kitchen Party Ideas

We just get stuck in our ways and never think how easily we could move around. You can move everything right back. Spend a few minutes rearranging things, and you might save yourself some stress and miles of running back and forth. If you need an extra hand, you can always get a professional organizer in to help you.

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