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Energy Efficiency

smart home thermostat on wall of seniors home

How to Choose the Best Smart Thermostat for Your Home

Cold weather is just around the corner, bringing higher energy costs for many homeowners, especially if fuel prices skyrocket the way they did last year. A smart thermostat is one of the best ways to keep these costs in check. The device replaces the traditional thermometer on your wall, and enables you to program your…

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Solar Panels Closeup

Go Green with Solar Panels

Few projects in the home improvement sector are greener than solar panel installation. After all, our reliance on fossil fuels can be blamed on everything from skyrocketing home heating and cooling costs to the potentially devastating effects of global warming, making it clear that anything a homeowner can do to reduce our dependency on non-renewable…

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Attic insulation

Roof Insulation Captures Escaping Energy

When you turn on the furnace, your HVAC system is not the only thing keeping your house warm; proper insulation keeps this generated heat inside the home. Even though your walls, floors, and ceilings should all be equally padded, don’t forget that your roof is also responsible for maintaining temperature control. Like wearing a stocking…

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Drapes Over Patio Doors

Increase Insulation with a Thermal Drape or Curtain

Windows, especially older windows, are notoriously poor insulators. It is true that replacing old windows and sealing window frames can greatly reduce the amount of heat transfer between the interior of your house and the outside. A remodel can certainly fix insulation problems, but there may be some other things you can do to reduce…

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LEED certified home

LEED Certification: A Primer

LEED certification is a rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to help promote green building practices and sustainable development across the country. It rates construction projects of all types by awarding points for green building practices in four separate areas: sustainable sites, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, and innovation and design…

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Home Exterior

Energy Efficient Home Improvements Made Affordable

Replacing your inefficient home heating & cooling equipment, upgrading your home windows, insulating your home, installing a solar energy system or planning a general remodeling project, is a daunting task for most homeowners. The age old question facing homeowners is “Where Do I Get The Money” needed to make these and other necessary home improvements….

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Smart Glass Windows

Smart Glass: A Solar Light Switch

Anytime you hear a home remodeling term with the word smart in it, you know you’re about to learn the latest in new technology. And though these inventions often sound more like science fiction, they are in fact becoming increasingly popular, especially among commercial development, which means that soon they’ll be showing up in the…

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Energy efficiency house

Conservation of Electricity at Home

Energy conservation is an important factor that people should be aware of. The natural resources that we use in our daily life such as water, electricity and gasoline are mostly supplied from limited resources. Fresh water supplies are diminishing with large demand from irrigation and electrical power plant cooling. US electricity is primarily sourced from…

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Efficient home

Building an Energy Efficient Home

Building an energy efficient home is a trend in home construction that isn’t going away. While other homeowners spend several thousand dollars retrofitting their home, building an energy efficient home can provide unmatched energy efficiency. Planning an energy efficient house from the beginning will give you benefits no renovations will ever create. The position and…

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Thermal vinyl siding

Get Energy Efficiency with Thermal Siding

Manufactured to look similar to traditional aluminum or vinyl siding, thermal siding provides your home with an extra layer of thermal insulation where your home needs it most. Add to the fact it’s tougher, longer lasting, and better looking than other materials, it’s easy to see why this new siding product is winning over contractors…

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