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Energy Efficiency

Reflective roofing

For Reduced Energy Costs, Try a Reflective Roof Coating

A reflective roof coating is applied to roofs to help reflect more sunlight from the surface, thus reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the structure. Also known as cool roofing, these roof coatings are available in a number of colors, surfaces, and thicknesses and can make a huge difference when it comes to saving…

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Solar entryway screens

Solar Screens: Saving You from the Sun

We love it when things look modern, cool and sleek. Think about how we invest in sunglasses not just to keep out the light, or how we tint our cars not just to keep the car seats cool. Shades give glass a refined, edgy appearance that makes it seem clear, crisp and competent. This is…

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Low Emissivity Windows

Low-e Windows – Are They Worth the Investment?

Natural light is always an asset in any home. The more sun you have coming in through skylights and large windows, the more open and inviting a space will appear. Also, when you have the sun working for you full time, it cuts down on daytime energy costs. However, whenever you open up your house…

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Common Questions about Thermal Windows

Thermal Replacement Windows – Questions & Answers

With all of the ads out there, it’s hard to tell what is true and what is somebody selling something. So what is the truth about thermal replacement windows? Here are straight answers to the most commonly asked questions about windows: Q. What’s the difference between the windows I have now and thermal replacement windows?…

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Fiberglass insulation

Fiberglass Insulation: A Simple Energy Saver

A heating and cooling system can only do so much work to maintain a constant temperature in your home. Therefore, to keep your indoor climate stable, it is essential that you properly insulate the walls, rafters, and other empty gaps in your home’s structure. Otherwise, if these areas are not properly sealed, warm air could…

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Reflective insulation

Want Energy Savings? Install Reflective Insulation!

Most homes are sufficiently insulated against heat conduction and convection with traditional forms of insulation, but what about radiant heat gain and loss? The truth is a major portion of your home’s heat gain and loss is due to radiant heat transfer, and traditional insulation materials are not nearly as effective when it comes to…

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Energy efficient windows

Making Your Home Energy Efficient

An energy efficient home is better for the environment, better for your wallet, and better for the planet, too. While efficient home design is best planned before a house is built, there are many things you can do in an existing house to reduce energy consumption, reduce utility bills, and do your part in conserving…

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Energy Star Appliances

Pros, Cons and Costs: Energy Star Appliances

With skyrocketing energy costs and environmental concerns lurking around every corner, homeowners across the country are looking more and more to how they can conserve energy in their home. Enter the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star label, which applies to everything from refrigerators and air conditioners, to televisions and dishwashers. While the idea behind…

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Solar panels on tile roof

Solar Panels Soak Up the Savings

In today’s eco-conscious world, it’s almost impossible to ignore the need for conservation. Fuel costs are on the rise. Utility bills keep surging. And we’re the ones who keep paying the price. But as we all know, things will get more expensive until we learn how to tap into available renewable resources, such as solar…

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Roof solar panels

Saving By Spending: Invest in an Energy Audit

Today, many homeowners are just as concerned with how their home performs as they are with how it looks. Though there are certainly plenty of popular improvements and renovations that focus on home energy efficiency, knowing which projects are going to do the most good for the least money in your situation can be difficult….

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