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Gas Fireplace

Are Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces Safe?

If you’ve looked into vent-free fireplaces at all, you’ve probably discovered there are quite a few differing opinions on the safety of installing one in your home. The basic concept of a vent-free fireplace is easy enough to understand. By burning gas instead of wood, you can create a “smokeless” heat that doesn’t require ventilation…

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Ventless fireplace

A Fireplace Without a Chimney

Ventless fireplaces are exactly what their name makes them out to be: natural gas or propane fireplaces that don’t require a chimney in order to run. For many homeowners this is exactly the product they’ve been looking before. Because vents or chimneys are unnecessary, vent free fireplaces are much cheaper to install than vented models,…

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Outdoor Wood Stoves

All About Outdoor Wood Stoves

An outdoor wood stove is a wood burning stove that sits away from your home and supplies heat through a boiler system rather than the direct heat that an indoor wood stove provides. They are an efficient and effective option for any homeowner that prefers to heat their homes with wood and without the inconveniences…

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Wood stove

Wood Stove Maintenance & Tips

Using a wood stove during the winter is a great way to supplement your central heating system and add atmosphere to your home. Just like inspecting and repairing a boiler or furnace, wood stove maintenance is necessary to keep it functioning properly and safely. If you’re wondering what you can do to improve your own…

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Fireplace Safety & Prevention Tips

Fireplace and Chimney Problems, Tips & Prevention

Your fireplaces and chimneys are more than just works of masonry – they’re a part of your home’s heating system. These areas work hard to exhaust fumes from your fireplace, furnace and water heater, so it’s important to maintain them properly.   Relatively minor but regular maintenance efforts can help your chimney operate safely for…

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Fire pit

Home Fire Pit Safety Precautions

  Homeowners are increasingly adding fire pits to their outdoor spaces. Fire pits are popular as they can be used year round, in hot and cold weather, as a gathering space. If you are considering adding a fire pit to your backyard, there are several things that need to be considered including location, budget, fuel…

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