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Fireplace Depths

A fireplace can be a welcome addition to just about any room. Aside from the practical benefit of providing supplemental heat, there’s just something inherently soothing about sitting by a fire, be it wood or gas. There are many different types of fireplaces available to today’s homeowner; whether you like the traditional and rustic appearance…

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Outdoor Fire Pit at Night

Enjoy Summer Nights with an Outdoor Fire Pit

Few childhood experiences bring back more good memories than sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, and telling ghost stories with friends and family. A fire pit installed on your deck, patio, or elsewhere in your backyard, makes it possible for you to enjoy that same experience night after night, right out your own backdoor. And…

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Clean Fireplace

While a fireplace can certainly be used to create additional warmth during those cold winter months, most would agree that, though the heat is nice, a fireplace’s real benefit has more to do with atmosphere. Relaxing or entertaining by a fire can create a scenario that a furnace, boiler, or space heater simply cannot match….

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Kiva copper fireplace

Add Southwestern Feel with a Kiva Fireplace

A kiva fireplace is an indoor or outdoor fireplace inspired by southwestern pueblo architecture. They tend to be tall, flowing fireplaces and are constructed of an interior firebox surrounded by a plastered metal face frame. It’s this plaster that gives a kiva the trademark stucco or adobe appearance, making these fireplaces the perfect fit for…

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Choose the Best Fireplace for Your Home

Nothing beats cozying up in front of a crackling fire on a brisk evening, but not all fireplaces are made equally. Depending on your type of home, your energy needs and your design preferences, you have many fireplace options to choose from today. Masonry Fireplaces New masonry fireplaces have come a long way since the…

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Fireplace in living room

Fireplace Installation: The Basics

With the wide range of fireplaces that are available to today’s homeowner, it’s tough to focus on any universals when it comes to installation. Here’s a little information on the most popular styles and some basic installation requirements of each. Wood Burning Fireplaces and Stoves For many homeowners, there just isn’t any substitute for a…

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Chimney Bombs

Chimney Bombs

This sounds sensational, but in fact it may much closer to the truth than many homeowners are willing to imagine. Residue from your hearth fire makes its way up your chimney and builds up on your flue over time. This residue, known as creosote, is responsible for the most intense and destructive fires that occur…

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Fireplace Grates: Hold your Fire

Whether you’ve had one for a while, are thinking of adding one, or just got your first, most would agree that a fireplace brings something to a home that nothing else can match. For romantic evenings, ghost stories with the kids, or even a little rustic cooking, fireplaces are the preferred way to heighten the…

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Creative fireplace

Upgrading Your Fireplace

Your fireplace might be comfy, but it’s also an energy efficiency nightmare. Use these tips to cut back on your fireplace’s energy waste without sacrificing its oh-so-cozy atmosphere. Before upgrading your fireplace, hire a professional chimney sweep. Over time, soot can build up in your chimney, limiting the airflow, creating blockage and — in extreme…

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Wood stove

Understanding Wood Stoves

Though there are many ways to heat a home in the modern day, wood stove heating is, if not the most popular choice, a viable option, especially for those concerned with the rising prices of fossil fuels. Unlike fireplaces and wood burners of yesteryear, contemporary wood stove heating is far more efficient, and even cleaner!…

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