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Repairing a chimney

The Importance of Chimney Repair

On a cold winter’s day, nothing is as inviting as a roaring fire in the fireplace. But did you know that the coziest part of your home can also be the most dangerous? Regular maintenance and repair of your chimney and chimney flue are important in keeping your family safe and warm for many years…

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Brick fireplace

Nothing’s Built like a Brick Fireplace

Everyone enjoys the snap, crackle, and pop of a fire, especially on those cold winter evenings. They emanate romance, ambience, and, of course, warmth. But though there are lots of modern designs with elegant construction, nothing beats the rustic look of a brick fireplace. Not only does their handmade appearance recreate a touch of the…

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Lit fireplace

How to Keep Smoke Out of Your Home

Fireplaces are a cozy addition to any home. But they can sometimes result in a smoky living room. Here are a few tips to give you the warmth of a fire without the smell. The Cause:  Low-temperature fires don’t create the updraft needed to vent smoke up and out your chimney. If you’re just starting…

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Lit fireplace

Types of Heatilator Fireplaces

Since the beginning of human history, home and comfort has meant the warmth of a roaring fire. Here in the 21st Century, heatilator fireplaces are a great way for practical-minded consumers to bring that warmth into their homes. Heatilator is a brand name (and the household name) for what can be more generically called a…

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Preventive Maintenance: Chimneys

Since your chimney is one of the major barriers to fire danger in your home (and consequently one of the primary sources of fire outbreaks), when a problem occurs chimney repair is of utmost importance. Here’s a short list of quick checks you can perform on your own or hire a professional to undertake in…

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Masonry fireplace

Masonry Fireplace Maintenance

Brick and stone masonry fireplaces are desirable because these traditional building materials lend a look and feel of permanence and stability to any setting they are installed in. To drive this feeling of durability and authenticity home, many old stone masonry and brick fireplaces are still standing today, and function just as well as they…

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Fireplace with mantel

Designing and Installing Your Fireplace Mantel

A fireplace mantel conjures images of warm winter evenings, a quiet night with a good book, or a romantic fireside dinner. There is little wonder why family pictures often center around fireplaces; there is something strong in the connection between the hearth and heat of a home and the metaphoric heart. The focal point, of…

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Fireplace surround

Turn Your Fireplace into a Work of Art with a Fireplace Surround

So much attention is given to the fireplace when selecting fireplace design that often the fireplace surround is forgotten and neglected. It’s an understandable phenomenon. Should you choose a masonry fireplace or a ventless model? Do you want wood burning or natural gas? These are all certainly important decisions to make, but the part of…

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Stone chimney

Chimney Maintenance Keeps Your Family Safe

If you own a fireplace, chimney maintenance is not optional. Deadly fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and expensive chimney repairs are only some of the more serious consequences associated with neglected chimney maintenance. Whether you need to know what you can expect with chimney cleaning and inspections or whether you need a more detailed explanation of…

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Chimney cap

Chimney Caps

Do you find that you have too much draft coming through your flue? Or too little? Are your energy bills too high because of a drafty chimney? Or do you find that you have water damage around the path of your chimney? Chimney caps are an inexpensive guard against many problems that might occur in…

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