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close-up of a retaining wall

Types of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls were first used for the simple and necessary task of holding back earth. Erosion is a natural process, but when it means soil being washed off your property or worse, accumulating against the side of your home, a retaining wall can be an essential part of your landscaping. These walls are not only…

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Sanded floor

Wet Sanding Allows Walls To Be Repaired Without The Mess!

When repairing a wall, it is often that new drywall must be put up or the old needs to be fixed. Even if you just want to paint an existing space, there is almost always areas that need patched with mud or spackling. There are many concerns from homeowners over repairing the walls, but there…

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Retaining wall

Going Green: Foundation, Retaining Walls & Waterproofing

When it comes to green remodeling, high profile items like low e, multiple paned windows, photovoltaic solar panels, and ENERGY STAR rated appliances get all the press. But some of the greenest things you can do for your home are a lot less visible— like greening your foundation, retaining walls, or taking on a basement…

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Wallpapered bedroom

Painting or Wallpapering Your Interior Walls

When remodeling the interior of your home, paint and wallpaper often play a role in not only the finished look of your project, but its durability, too. While the right paint or wallpaper choices and applications can keep your interiors looking their best for years to come, shoddy products and improper application techniques can age…

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Pressure treated wood

Benefits of Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is wood that has been infused with chemical preservatives to protect the wood from rot and insects. The wood is placed in a depressurized holding tank that removes the air and replaces it with a preservative. The most important thing to understand about this pressure treatment is that the process is, by far,…

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Vintage wallpaper

Stuck on Classic: Vintage Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been used to decorate homes at least since the 1500s. Back then, wood blocks were carved with a design, then the design was inked and stamped onto the paper. This process was time consuming, but the product was incredible and unique. Today, mass produced wallpaper is an excellent alternative to painting and can…

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exposed brick walls

Exposed Brick Walls – What to Consider

Exposed brick is an interior design element that has captured the likes of urbanites for years. But now it’s finding its way from the inner city lights and into the suburbs and rural areas across the country. Brick was commonly used in the mid-20th century because brick’s low cost per square foot installed and now…

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Wall tiles

The Basics of Ceramic Wall Tile Installation

Installing ceramic wall tile is one home improvement that most homeowners are capable of tackling. In fact, it really isn’t much different than any other tile installation. It’s a basic procedure that includes putting up proper backing, mortaring the tile to the wall, letting it dry, and then applying the grout to the tile. Choosing…

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