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Walls and Ceilings

Plaster Walls in Kitchen

Understanding Plaster

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or just hanging a mirror, understanding wall coverings is essential. The most common interior wall surfaces are gypsum wallboard, also called drywall, and plaster. This article will focus on the latter. Before There Was Drywall If yours is an older home, built before the 1950s, chances are it contains plaster…

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Plaster Walls in Kitchen

Consider Venetian Plaster for Superior Walls in Your Home

Drywall is, by far, the most common wall in homes today. With the advent of drywall, homeowners quickly began choosing this less expensive and easily repaired wall material. Plaster, however, is making a solid comeback. Improved plastering techniques and plaster veneers are making it more affordable again with many of the former benefits still in…

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Greenish drop ceiling

Drop Ceilings

  A drop ceiling, sometimes referred to as a suspended ceiling, consists of a hanging metal grid which is suspended by wires from an original ceiling. Then, within this framework, a number of acoustical panels are literally dropped into the channels to form a solid surface. They’re often reinstalled to cover up exposed plumbing and…

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Anchored Walls

If you notice cracks around your home, you may be having some foundation problems. This is a very dangerous situation because if your foundation is cracking, sinking, or shifting, it puts your whole house at risk of collapse. So routinely check for any brick walls or chimney cracks, drywall fractures, and always look in your…

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White Wainscoting Installed On Stairs

All About Installing Wainscoting

You know you want to do something to those plain walls you have. Wallpaper just doesn’t seem to work for you. Repainting doesn’t quite feel right or several reincarnations have left your walls feeling tired. What you need to consider is the decorative paneling of wainscoting. A truly classic effect that provides walls with texture…

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Wallpaper Prep

Nothing fills a professional wallpaper hanger’s heart with more dread than hearing a homeowner say, “my walls are already smooth and ready for paper.” Contrary to popular belief, most wallpaper actually magnifies, rather than hides, flaws in the walls. In fact, what might seem “smooth” to an untrained eye, will usually appear quite rough once…

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Painting a Popcorn Ceiling

A popcorn ceiling is when texture is added to a drywall ceiling to give it a gravelly texture. This was done quite a bit during the 70s and 80s, when a popcorn ceiling seemed to be all the rage. The reasons for the texture was ostensibly to help dampen noise and to add literally add…

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Famous Walls & Fences from Fiction

24 Famous Walls & Fences from Fiction

Walls and fences are used in homes, gardens, and backyards. They are our great barriers, they keep us safe, secure, warm and happy in our daily lives. While walls and fences are important around the house and in countless of other uses in the real world, they are also a huge part of popular fiction….

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Load bearing kitchen wall

Load Bearing Walls: Thank You for Your Support

One of the more ambitious efforts for a DIY is pulling down a wall to create more open space. While this is in no case a small task, the process becomes especially tricky when dealing with a load bearing wall. Is This a Load Bearing Wall? Sometimes a load bearing wall can be spotted just…

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white crown molding

Crown Molding: A Touch of Grace

We all remember our first apartment or college dorm—the industrial white walls, the raggedy old “beige” carpet, the sharp angles that had you believe, surely, that you were a rat in some cruel kid’s science experiment. Since then, tastes have refined, wallets accommodate, and living in a box simply no longer works. In Comes Crown…

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