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Ceramic wall tile

Ceramic Wall Tiles

Ceramic wall tiles are the most popular bathroom wall covering and for good reason. They are durable, reasonably priced, and versatile. For shower surrounds that can last twenty years or more, come in a variety of colors and textures, and cost only slightly more than flimsy plastic shells, ceramic wall tiling is your solution. For…

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Soundproofing Will Improve Your Home Life

Unless of course, everybody in your home goes to bed at exactly the same time every night, nobody plays a musical instrument, has a quality stereo, or sings in the shower—although being able to hear your spouse belt out Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” has its own unique value. There are several different…

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Raised panel wainscoting

Raised Panel Wainscoting: Tradition, Craftsmanship, and Beauty Rolled into One

Raised panel wainscoting is beautifully crafted wainscot built from raised central panels surrounded by finely crafted trim. Purists hold out that raised panel is one of those rare home improvement projects that should always be left to custom carpenters to build. While they may be right, there are a number of pre-manufactured raised panel wainscoting…

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Bathroom wall with glass block tiles and mirror
Keystone wall

Enhance Your Landscaping with a Keystone Retaining Wall

A keystone retaining wall is an excellent solution for any retaining wall landscaping needs you might have. They are attractive, cost effective, durable, and can be used in a variety of landscaping applications. If you’re in need of a retaining wall solution, it’s an excellent idea to talk to a contractor who specializes in keystone…

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Recessed wall space

Cavity Walls Create a Cost-Saving Cushion

If you have a brick house built after 1940, there’s a good chance you are the proud owner of cavity walls. What does that mean, you may ask? It’s simple: your exterior masonry is actually double-reinforced. These particular structures consist of two brick walls placed approximately 2-4 inches apart, forming a small gap of air…

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Kitchen with wood paneling

Wood Paneling Makes for Beautiful Homes

Wood paneling is often passed over as a quality building material. Images of the inexpensive imitation composite paneling that gained fame and fortune during the last half of the twentieth century tend to dominate. Not to knock the cheaper alternative. It can be a wonderful and economic addition to any living space. But many homeowners…

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Demountable wall

Why Make Walls Permanent? Build with a Demountable Wall System

Businesses across the nation have known for years that permanent wall construction is a hindrance to growth and change. It’s why so many office buildings and commercial structures utilize a modular wall system in their interior design. These systems utilize a modular wall, or walls that can easily be moved and reorganized along pre-set tracks,…

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Wood veneer kitchen

Wood Veneer: An Upside to Being Shallow

No one can deny the aesthetic appeal of hardwood. It adds character and authenticity to homes, furniture, and even automobiles. The sticker price is, of course, quite high. What some people consider even more daunting is the toll that harvesting hardwood takes on the environment. Because of these factors, many consumers are considering other options….

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Wall sconces

Shedding Some Light on Wall Sconces

Most people don’t notice the value and beauty that wall sconces add to a room because subtlety is their main purpose. They create general or accented light while still remaining discreet and unobtrusive. Not only are they a significant source of ambient light, they also add a decorative flair to any room. Their function is…

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