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Walls and Ceilings

Glass tiles

Decorating with Glass Wall Tile

Glass wall tile is one of the most unique forms of tile being used in residential applications today. It comes in all shapes and sizes, though by far the most popular and striking glass tile is the small, mosaic style tile commonly seen in bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. If you’re interested in glass wall tile,…

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Pine paneling

Go Rustic with Knotty Pine Wood Paneling

If you’re the rustic type, or just enjoy Western style design, you ought to look into knotty pine wood paneling for your home’s interior spaces. It has a soft, warm and natural appearance that looks excellent in both traditional and log style homes. Because it’s made of freshly cut and kiln dried pine, it also…

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Ceiling Stains

Water Stains: Causes and Solutions

There it is: the dreaded ceiling stain. Go ahead, be annoyed. Do a little cursing. It’s warranted, but when you’re ready to work the problem, treat the problem rationally. Knowing what type of contractor you need can save you precious time and money. You need to understand what’s going on. If you’re able to identify the…

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Empty room with white tray ceiling

Decorative Tray Ceilings

Many homeowners don’t know what a tray ceiling is and only become interested in them when they see them. These ceilings offer immediate benefits to a room, including enlarging the height of the room without the cavernous feeling of vaulted ceilings. The real opportunities lie in decorative ceiling options. More and more, ceilings are becoming…

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New Baseboard Cover Installation

If you have a baseboard radiator heater, you may think your current baseboard cover looks ugly. In fact, it probably does, or at least, many homeowners share your sentiments and find these generic covers to detract from their home’s décor. Installing baseboard covers is not an expensive project and can greatly improve the look of…

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Cathedral ceiling

Create More Vertical Space with Cathedral Ceilings

If you own a home with low, flat ceilings, your house can sometimes feel cramped, dull, or old-fashioned. Cathedral ceilings are a great way to add room, air space, value, and overall beauty to a house. They come in many different types of designs, but usually they are defined as any slanted or pitched ceiling…

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Decorative molding

Decorative Moldings: The Perfect Cover-up

Whether it’s uneven paint lines or rough drywall seams, decorative molding is a master at disguising the more unseemly and inevitable components of your home’s interior. “Decorative” may make your mind associate molding with something ornate and over-the-top, but the truth is that the best decorative moldings are able to blend in with the room’s…

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dry stack stone wall

Dry Stack Stone Walls Create a Rustic Look for Your Yard or Garden

Take a long drive through the countryside on a fall day. Beneath the colorful, swirling leaves, you will see solid stone buildings and farm walls that date back to more than one hundred years ago. Most of these were built by hand, using a simple, but sturdy, method of construction called dry stack. Dry stack…

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Brown wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal Techniques

Few home improvement projects are more time-consuming, messy or frustrating than stripping wallpaper. Stripping wallpaper is a process that requires the use of special tools, caustic chemical materials and most of all, a lot of patience. It can be done by a do-it-yourselfer with the right amount of time and proper temperament, but it isn’t…

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Ceiling Mirror Ideas

Ceiling Mirrors – Considerations, Types & Options

  A ceiling mirror is one of those home improvement projects that nobody likes to talk about, but everybody enjoys. They add a romantic and adventurous edge to any master bedroom, and believe it or not, can be fairly easy to install. It is important that you are careful about hanging any large, heavy piece…

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