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Garden bench

Garden Benches and Garden Sculptures

Gardens are fluid in their design and annual appearance. You can continually rotate and change what you want to plant in them, but most gardens also have a few permanent or semi-permanent structures that help define them. These structures can be almost anything. They can be as elaborate as a garden gazebo or as simple…

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Maintained Lawn

Why Lawn Aeration is Important

Your lawn needs to breathe. Every time you step on your lawn, mow your grass, or allow your children to play in the yard, your lawn soil becomes a little more compacted. Minimal use usually isn’t a significant problem. Seasonal freezing and thawing can help keep your soil loose, as well as the occasional earthworm…

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Artificial Putting Green

Artificial Putting Greens: The Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment

For golfers, the idea pretty much sells itself. You know to improve your golf game you need to work on your short game. You come home from work and you have an hour to practice before other things get in the way. You don’t have the time or the opportunity to get to the course,…

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Reducing City Noise

How to Reduce City Noise With Landscape Design

If you live anywhere near an arterial or collector street, you know that traffic noise is one of the greatest generators of noise in cities and suburbs. In fact, if your home is on a busy street, or close to one, traffic noise can actually become a quality of life issue, making it difficult to…

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Poorly maintained lawn

Plan Ahead for a Better Yard

Landscape planning is the key to creating a beautiful, cohesive yard that meets your gardening goals and enhances the value of your home. Piecemeal landscaping can mean having to redo your work when it just doesn’t flow—and spending more time and money than you had anticipated. If you are considering a landscape upgrade, there are…

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Landscape lights

Light It Up with Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is becoming increasingly popular because of the beauty, safety, and security it provides to the outdoor spaces of a home. Available in a variety of styles for an equal number of uses, these lighting solutions are perfect for making night time the right time in your yard, garden, deck, and porch areas. Everything…

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Garden fountatin

Garden Fountains: Making Mother Nature Come Home

When you hear the word landscaping, most people immediately think of flowerbeds, shrubbery, and lawn care. But not all landscaping has to be “natural.” In fact, by adding manmade ornaments, a backyard can be transformed into a work of art. A garden fountain is an easy way to enhance your exterior landscape by combining the…

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Fertilized lawn

Test Your Lawn Before You Fertilize

Most homeowners know that for a healthy lawn, a good fertilization program is needed. In fact, it’s probably the single most important thing you can do for your lawn. Proper nutrient levels need to be maintained for your lawn to achieve optimal performance and health. By far, the three most important nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorous,…

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Garden flower bushes

Spring Garden Flower Tips and Suggestions

Spring is the time when nature renews itself. When spring comes around, we can begin spending more time outside and start enjoying the fresh air and new life around us. There’s no better barometer of warmer times ahead than the first flowers. Having a spring garden is one way to welcome the new season right…

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Ways to Remove a Tree Stump

Stump Removal Methods

Stump removal is a task surrounded by myths and easy fixes. There are a number of purported solutions to removing unsightly stumps from your property, but very few that actually work. The following is a short list of the most “popular” methods, both effective and not, and the facts about whether they’re worth your time….

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