Creating a Kid’s Fantasy World With Themed Murals

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Updated November 17, 2016

Nursery Rhyme Themed Mural For KidsIt has probably been many years since you have been tempted to doodle on the walls, but perhaps you should give in to the temptation once again. Home décor is about more than making an impression on neighbors and friends. It is about creating a lovely space to live in. Kids are not big fans of styles and decorations adults love, which sometimes makes home-life a little boring. To combat the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored and there is nothing to do!” fire up your child’s imagination by commissioning a mural in his or her room.

Get Those Neurons Firing and Ready to Learn

Many people would classify themselves as visual learners, and this is no surprise since the eyes are constantly receiving visual information. The human brain is developed to easily decode scads of visual stimuli; in fact, the typical child’s brain thrives when it is able to feast on information. A great way to make a kids-only play place is to match the décor with their wild imaginations. Take a subject you know your children will love, and hire local professional painters to create a marvelous mural with the subject as the theme. Consider some of these ideas:

  • Too-cute animals: Many children love to imagine they live in a wildlife kingdom where lions, leopards, horses, and sharks roam free. Animal themed murals are great for even young children, and can encourage them to learn more about the animals painted on their walls.
  • Super hero base of operations: There are all different kinds of brave and heroic characters that kids love. Choose your kid’s favorite superhero, whether it is Superman, Iron Man, Black Widow, or even dad. The images on the walls do not need to be based on fictional characters; firefighters, police officers, and doctors are real-life heroes who could inspire your kids to do good.
  • Royal palace: There is a reason fairy tales often combine princesses, magic, and royal palaces. By creating a mural that is full of these classic adventures stories and tales, you help children imagine they are like Cinderella and you are the fairy godmother, or father.
  • Video game zone: Lots of kids are devoted to their favorite video games, but as a parent or guardian, you do not want them playing the game all the time. Help kids of all ages with electronic-free imaginative play by making their room reflect their love of Minecraft, Angry Birds, or one of a number other games. This kind of decoration can help kids turn single player monotony into more of a social play opportunity.
  • Magical fantasy land: One of the most fun things to imagine is living in a place where magic, fairies, dragons, and unicorns are real. Fantasy themed murals can be some of the most dazzling and colorful because there is no color combination that is too bold or crazy.
  • Book-lover’s haven: As kids grow, it is important that their leisure time not be a brain drain, which is why so many patents love it when their kids discover the joys of reading. While reading, not only will kids be learning without even realizing it, but their minds will be open to never-before thought of places, things, and situations. Making a mural that is centered on some of the most fun and popular books your kids love is a great way to get them in the mood for entering the world of a book.
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Matching Furniture and Room Design With New Wall Art

Of course, a mural is just the beginning to making the most awesome kids’ room imaginable. The next step is to match the rest of the furniture and textiles to the theme you have chosen. You can either do this on your own or hire an experienced interior designer.

If you are really devoted to making the ultimate play zone, consider creating a secret club house. What child has not dreamed of opening the closet and finding a secret passage way or a world within a world. Your kid will never want to stop playing if you conceal a hidden door behind a wardrobe or add a secret tunnel to a reading room. This option does take quite a bit more funds and planning, but when combined with a spectacular themed mural, the results are magical.

Finding an Artist

Commissioning a mural is great opportunity to give a local artisan or mural specialist a chance for work. To find an artist that will be able to create what you envision for your child’s room, ask for a portfolio of work. If the artist’s style and skill matches your desires, feel free to begin the design process. This is actually tricky because changing the design once a mural has begun to be painted wastes value time and money. Try to limit your design sessions to only three or four, and make sure you are happy with the initial sketches and color choices. This will save you money and allow the mural to be completed quicker.

Paint It Yourself

Another option for the adventurous or artistic sort is to paint your own mural. This is where your long-lost wall doodling skills are sure to come in handy! For beginners, it is best to start small. Consider painting a few characters, rather than an entire scene. Symbols or words may be a more manageable option rather than trying to draw human or animal figures. No matter what you would like to attempt, make sure to research to paint you are going to use, since there are some artistic paints that are toxic.

Rather than just beginning drawing on the wall, make a sketch of the wall on paper, using real measurements to work in the proper scale. Once of you have your idea on paper, you can then transfer it to the wall using the grid-transfer system. If you make mistakes, know that you can always paint over the entire wall again or hire an experienced artist to come make corrections.

Get Started

You can make your child’s room the most amazing and imaginative place in the entire house by adding a themed mural to the walls. Add culture and art to your kids’ lives early on and help them love their home and their own personal space more than ever. Contact a local painting company or search online for mural artists.

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