5 Basement Remodel Ideas That Add Value

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Updated March 2, 2017

Basement Remodel Ideas

The wide open space of most basements tends to intimidate homeowners who are considering a basement remodel. However, this large room can become your most valuable space-and you don’t even have to give up your storage area. Don’t think about this room as just one room. Think about erecting walls or building small rooms inside of the larger one. If you are having a hard time thinking of ideas on your own, here are five smart choices.

1. Create divisions in wide open spaces

You may use your basement for a variety of different reasons: exercise room, media room, play area. Section these spaces off by erecting half walls-full walls may block out the natural light, making the area feel dingy. You could also paint the areas different colors to create division and make the spaces feel cozier.

2. Add a bathroom

If you use the space regularly for entertaining, as a guest room, or a children’s play room, consider adding a bathroom. This will keep you and your guests from running up the stairs every time they need to use the facilities

3. Close off storage spaces

You don’t have to sacrifice your storage area, but if you wall off a section and add a door, you can keep that clutter out of sight. Consider having shelves installed while your at it, as this will keep that space as organized as possible.

4. Let there be light

Proper lighting is very important in a basement where natural light is little or nonexistent. Consider replacing the windows if they don’t allow much light or adding smart lighting that will make the room feel open and less dark.

5. Open up the staircase

If you have a door at the top of the staircase consider removing this to further allow natural light to filter into the area.

If these ideas don’t mesh with the style, size, or shape of your basement, consider consulting with a designer¬†or basement remodel pro to help you figure out the best idea for your space.

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  1. Mary Evans, April 28:

    Is it true that the bedroom you build in the basement cannot be listed as a bedroom when listing your house for sale?

  2. Terry J Reinheimer, August 5:

    Every state has different real estate laws but mostly yes, for an example, if you look on Realtor.com and you see 3+ bedrooms listed chances are there’s at least one more in the basement. Just because you can’t list it doesn’t mean buyers won’t take it into consideration when comparing it to another home though.

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