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Bathroom heaters are available in a various range of styles. If you’re looking for old reliable, you can’t beat the standard radiant heater/fan/light combo for a functional and comfortable bathroom. If you like to think outside the box, consider wall-mounted panel heaters, towel warmer/heater combos and radiant floor heating. Your bathroom should be one of the most comfortable rooms in your home. Keeping it nice and toasty is a big part of making it so.

The Benefits of Bathroom Heaters

Any heater allows for a room to hold more moisture so your mirrors won’t fog up as quickly, and heater/fan combos do a nice job removing excess moisture from your home. In the end, the primary reason to install a bathroom heater is personal comfort. That being the case, think about which creature comforts sound best to you so you can make your bathroom experience as pleasant as possible.

  • Overhead heaters—This is the standard fare and usually consists of a radiant heater, fan and light combination. For most people these units are more than sufficient for their bathroom heating needs.
  • Wall mounted heaters—If you’re looking for something more stylish, these thin, contemporary bathroom heaters can be installed on any wall, anywhere in the room. Radiant heat models are most common, though there are standard electric heaters available as well. These heaters are great for generating heat in specific areas (a.k.a. the toilet) and for heating up floors if you get a model with a fan that distributes heat downward.
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  • Towel Warmers—If you’re investing in bathroom heaters, why not go all the way? There are a number of attractive and luxurious heaters that double as towel warmers. It’s like having a towel fresh out of the dryer every time you hop out of the shower!
  • Radiant Floors—If you’re building a new home or undergoing an extensive renovation of your bathroom, consider investing in a radiant heating system for your bathroom floors. A heat source (often electric heating cables) are incorporated into the slab before it’s poured, creating energy efficient heat for the entire room that comes from the ground up. For less extensive floor heat, look into installing heating elements beneath your flooring tile. These won’t provide heat for your entire bathroom, but it will make your tile nice and toasty on cold winter mornings.

Talk to an electrician or contractor to make sure your new heaters are installed safely and correctly. Be it cold nights or chilly winter mornings, you can’t beat a good bathroom heater when it comes to enhancing your bathroom experience.

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