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San Diego at night

Costs of Popular Improvements in San Diego

When shopping, we all want to get the most out of what we spend. This is true of just about any product or service imaginable, and home improvement is no different. One of the best ways to ensure that you get the most out of every dollar is to do some research on how much…

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Downtown LA

Costs for Popular Improvements in Los Angeles

Just about every homeowner has at least one or two ideas for how his or her property could be improved. Sometimes the improvements are simply cosmetic, but in many cases they can improve function and increase the house’s market value. The cost of living is high in the Los Angeles area. No matter what you’re…

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How to Stretch a Remodeling Budget

The idea may sound far-fetched or like some easy money scheme, but it’s no joke. Using a variety of cost-cutting methods and alternative resources, you can take a modest budget and complete a first-rate home remodeling project. While the strategies outlined below may sound slightly outside the box, the need and the numbers are pretty…

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Getting Along with Your Spouse During a Home Renovation Project

In a recent HomeAdvisor survey, more than half of respondents who reported completing a remodeling project with a spouse or domestic partner admitted to arguing with their partners during the process. In fact, 3 percent even considered separation or divorce! Check out the infographic below to see what couples argue most about — and to…

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New Homeowner Renovations

New Homeowner? Here Is What You Need to Know

When Carly Schuffler bought a charming, well-worn home in 2007, she had no idea what she had actually purchased: a money pit that forced her to take on some serious debt. According to Carly, before she could even move in, she needed to rewire the house, replace the furnace and remove a tree from the roof….

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Home Renovation Budget Tips

5 Tips for Sticking To Your Renovation Budget

Every home has a room that could use a makeover. That’s daunting enough, but full-scale renovations can be positively overwhelming. The good news is, if you’re faced with a renovation project there are some easy ways to build on a budget and love the results. When in Doubt, Plan It Out Planning is probably the…

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True Cost of Home Remodels

The True Cost of Home Improvement

One of the great joys of owning your home is improving upon it, and major projects can feel exciting and empowering. They can also appear overwhelming – but they’re often more simple than you think. One of the best ways to feel confident as you plan is to be as informed as possible. For example…

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Basement full bath

Basement Bathrooms: Weighing Cost vs. Convenience

The beauty of a cellar is that it is a pre-existing space within the home. Most home additions involve new construction, which means that most money is spent on the practicalities: foundations, plumbing, electrical, siding, roofing, etc. Therefore, many homeowners look to finishing their basements since it’s already built-out into the original floor plan. However,…

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Costs for Popular Improvements in Boston

The holidays are past, the long Boston winter has set in, and for most Bostonians any thoughts of remodeling and home improvement have been put off until spring. If that sounds familiar, here’s some fat for you to chew on: late winter and early spring are actually some of the best times to get started…

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