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Trees In Landscape

What Should I Do With My Shade Trees After a Storm?

Storm damaged trees are something many homeowners will have to deal with at some point. Since storm damaged trees are often an accident waiting to happen, calling for tree damage repair is not something you want to put off once a problem is noticed. Visually inspecting the trees on your property after a storm is…

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Fire alarm

Fire Alarm Systems that Beat the Heat

A fire can cause incredible damage to a property. Even worse is the damage it can cause to a person’s body. The good thing about a fire, as opposed to a flood or tornado, is that, even if it cannot be prevented, it can be prepared for. Smoke and heat detectors that are in working…

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Hurricane Shutters

What to Know for Hiring a Hurricane Shutter Installer

Hiring a Hurricane Shutter Installation Contractor Hiring a storm or hurricane shutter contractor involves dedicated research and asking the right questions. But it’s a niche market with specialists who do nothing but hurricane shutters and often windows and other storm retrofits. Like any other professional, have them do a site inspection, check credentials and get…

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Water flooding

Water, Water Everywhere: How to Prevent Flood Damage

Flood Facts Requests for water removal service have increased. The Insurance Information Institute states: “Flood damage is excluded under standard homeowners and renters insurance policies.” An article on states that: “Every year, flooding causes more than $2 billion of property damage in the U.S.” and “In a high risk area, your home has a…

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Fire fighters on roof of a home in flames

Preventing Kitchen Fires in Your Home

The kitchen is one of the most versatile rooms in your home. It is the hub where families congregate for holidays, spend time cooking meals together, and talk about daily life. It is where all of the prep work for an exciting night of entertaining guests begins, where a new family recipe is born, and…

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Water flooding

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is one of the most rapidly growing and evolving industries in the country. What used to consist of a contractor setting up a few fans in a flooded basement has now become a bonafide science, largely in part to the greater understanding we now have of the serious negative health repercussions that…

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Storm shelter

Storm Shelters Give Respite from The Storm

Safe Rooms are underground structures built to provide a safe haven from severe weather conditions. These shelters, along with reinforced, above ground safe rooms, are often the difference between life and death in the event of a tornado or severe tropical storm. This fact alone makes this a home improvement addition well worth the money…

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Severe Thunderstorm Preparation

In areas that are prone to violent weather, thunderstorm preparation is an essential part of keeping your home and your family safe. Many people barely flinch when a severe thunderstorm arrives, assuming things will be fine, but storm damage is responsible for thousands of home repairs every year. Even the best preparation won’t guard against…

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Garage Door

How to Brace Your Garage Door Against Hurricane-Force Winds

Hurricanes, tornadoes and other extreme winds can cause significant structural damage. Generally speaking, your garage door is your home’s largest and weakest opening. Should high winds be allowed to enter your garage, they may also enter your home, where they can go on to blow out the doors, walls, windows and roofing. Taking measures to…

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Tornado Preparation Checklist

Most homeowners give at least some thought to the threat of dangerous weather. If you live in an area with a history of tornados, it’s important to prepare your home before extreme weather hits. The following checklist will help keep your family (and home) safe during unruly weather. ☐ Install storm shutters: Storm shutters (also…

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