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Home Binder Printables for Maintenance and Emergencies

Becoming a homeowner is something many people dream of, but home maintenance can feel overwhelming, especially when a new and unexpected situation arises. One way to manage your household is with a home management binder. Using a simple, three-ring binder, you can keep track of the things that affect your household with downloadable worksheets. From…

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A large house across a grassy field with dark grey clouds casting shadows overhead

How to Disaster-Proof Your Home

Natural disasters are nerve-wracking and unpredictable. Whether it’s a California earthquake, a Gulf Coast hurricane, an Oklahoma tornado or an ice storm in Texas, disasters add up to millions of dollars of losses each year. Preparing for natural disasters before they strike will ensure that you and your home are safer. The good news is…

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Damaged Destroyed Boarded-Up Abandoned House

Homeowner’s Guide to Cleaning Up After an Earthquake

Like with any natural disaster, your first priority after an earthquake is to ensure your own safety and that of the people you love. Depending on the severity of the quake, you may need to venture outside of your immediate family to help friends, neighbors, and family members get out of harm’s way. But the…

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Disaster preparation kit. Items needed for disaster preparedness

The Ultimate Guide to Earthquake-Proofing Your Home

If earthquakes are common in your area, you know they can’t be predicted. There’s no time to brace your belongings or evacuate. That’s why it’s so important to prepare yourself — and your home — in advance and as best you can. Prepare Your Emergency Kit Start by packing an earthquake kit. Keep one at…

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Mudslide Safety for the Home: How to Assess Your Risk and Take Preventative Action

Disasters like the devastating California wildfires have brought the mounting dangers of Mother Nature home for many Americans. But the damage doesn’t just stop with the scorched trees and damaged bushes across hundreds of thousands of acres: widespread fires create perfect conditions for mudslides. The ground needs plant life to create structure for moist dirt…

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Basement Sump Pump

How to Choose the Right Sump Pump to Minimize Your Flood Risk

Part of being a homeowner is making sure that it remains safe, even in adverse weather. But what happens when you discover that your home or basement is a flood risk? In that case, you need to take the right precautions. That includes action to improve basement waterproofing, such as removing mold and fixing causes…

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What to do when your home floods.

Five Home Projects to Address Immediately After Your House Has Flooded

The impact a Category 3 or 4 hurricane can have on your most valuable asset – your home – can be disastrous, and incredibly overwhelming. Depending on the storm and its staggering effects, homeowners might face a number of devastating problems: from feet of standing water in the living room, to trees and debris spread…

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Home survival emergency kit for evacuation

Emergency Preparedness Checklist For Your Home

Protecting loved ones from injury is the top priority when a disaster strikes. A major event such as a storm or a fire generally brings a high degree of confusion and chaos along with it. It’s also common for items to be in short supply in the wake of a disaster. Stores often close because…

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flooded living room

Flash Flood Safety and Damage Prevention Guide

Flooding is the number one natural disaster occurrence in the United States. While many homeowners might be more worried about the risk of fire, which is also a very dangerous and serious concern, your home might actually be at a higher risk for damage from water than flames. In fact, all 50 states have experienced…

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San Francisco Home

Earthquake Retrofit Services

Below are some typical earthquake retrofit and repair services. Cripple Wall Failure This occurs in older wood-frame houses on taller crawl space walls. Taller crawl-space walls are also known as cripple walls; they are built with vertical 2X studs. They can be found between the foundation and the floor joists. Even in some of the…

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