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close-up of wood deck with steps and patio furniture

Going Green with Decks, Patios, and Porches

Outdoor living areas are one of the greenest additions you can make when it comes to remodeling your home. After all, what’s greener than creating a space that allows you to spend more time outdoors appreciating and enjoying nature? Furthermore, from a green remodeling standpoint, outdoor living areas are prime candidates for green building practices,…

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Outdoor Entertaining Space

Elegant Outdoor Entertaining: Any Climate, Day or Night

When you hear the phrase “outdoor entertaining,” do you immediately think of a summer barbecue, surrounded by coolers, hot dogs, and, of course, those pesky mosquitoes? There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned picnic, but with new technology comes new opportunities. With some creative product solutions out on the market, you can now turn your…

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Resurfacing an Outdoor Patio

As strong as concrete is, it’s not impervious. Even when it lasts for many years in relatively good condition, dirt and deterioration will set in, despite your best cleaning efforts. When this happens, it’s time to revitalize your patio area. The good news is a concrete slab can offer a solid foundation for a new…

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Concrete Patios

Concrete is one of the most popular construction materials in the nation. It is strong, durable, and versatile enough to be used in many applications. Additionally, poured concrete can be made to have many different appearances, making it suitable for everything from sidewalks and roads to living room floors. One of the benefits of pouring…

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Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing – Process & Options

Many homes built in the last half-century feature concrete driveways, concrete walkways, or both. Concrete is the material of choice for these outdoor jobs because it’s sturdy and lasts a long time. But what do you do when your concrete driveway or walkway begins to show the signs of aging? Cracks will appear, weeds may…

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Cracked concrete

Cracked Concrete

Cracked concrete is more common than you might think. Concrete is currently used in so many aspects of homebuilding, from foundations and basement floors to patios and walkways, that concrete cracks are almost sure to show up somewhere in your home as the years go by. Not all cracked concrete is equal, however. While all…

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Outdoor brick kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens: Have You Heard?

Outdoor kitchens are not the new thing; they are the thing. Outdoor kitchens have been around for a while in the warmer states, where they can be used year round. But like every great idea, it caught, and even caught on in areas where these additions can’t be enjoyed during all times of the year….

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Aluminum awning

Aluminum Awnings: Made for Shade

Awnings can be useful in a number of different ways. Over porches and decks, an awning can provide shade and a dry place to sit and relax. Over open windows, they can keep rain from entering the home. An awning over a door can protect the wood the door is made of from precipitation and…

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House with Juliet balcony

Juliet Balcony: Extending the Indoors Outside

We’ve all taken high school English, so we’ve all seen the play where she stands on the terrace and talks about love. Therefore, not surprisingly, the location of that famous speech has now become a part of architectural history. A Juliet balcony is a small veranda barely big enough to fit a person. So why,…

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