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Indoor patio heater

Think Patio Heaters for Warmth

Do you want to extend your summer? Or perhaps make your guests more comfortable on a chilly night outdoors, hanging out on the pool deck or BBQing on the patio. There are many options to heat your patio, balcony or deck, and the best of these heating options can raise the temperature a good 10…

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Mexican pavers

Mexican Pavers for that South of the Border Feel

Few flooring choices have more character and charm than Mexican pavers. As a whole, the term Mexican pavers refers to a wide range of Mexican style flooring tile, including saltillo tile, tecate tile, and talavera tile. The trick is deciding which style is the right one for you. When It Comes to Character, There is…

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Wrought iron patio furniture

Wrought Iron Furniture for Your Patio and Home

The most common wrought iron furniture is wrought iron patio furniture. Beautiful, decorative, and sturdy, wrought iron will hold up to the elements and remain as elegant as ever. True wrought iron is becoming rare. The contemporary replacement is a form of mild steel that looks and acts very similar to wrought iron. In fact,…

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The Versatility of Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo tile is one of the most versatile tiling options available in the industry. Made by mixing marble, granite, quartz, or glass chips into a cement binder, terrazzo is attractive and one of the toughest products available when it comes to tiling materials. Why Choose Terrazzo? Terrazzo is an excellent tiling choice for a number…

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Green Driveways, Patios, Walkways, & Floors

It may come as a surprise to many homeowners, but there is plenty of room to go green with driveways, patios, walkways, and interior floors that are constructed of brick, stone, or concrete pavers. Ranging from green strategies for more livable outdoor areas to green solutions that are healthy for the environment, here’s a collection…

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Yard patio with heater

Outdoor Heaters: a Refuge from the Cold

Outdoor heaters are a great answer to cold fall days, chilly spring evenings and everything in between. They can be powered by electricity, propane or natural gas and are available in a variety of styles to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re a die-hard, year-round grill master or just refuse to give up your morning…

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Stamped Concrete Driveway

Spruce Up with Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

When most homeowners think concrete, images of plain, gray slabs often come to mind. What most homeowners don’t realize is that the budding industry of decorative concrete resurfacing is revolutionizing the industry. Those drab slabs are being replaced and resurfaced with acid staining, decorative etching, concrete stamping, concrete dyes, acid etching, and concrete stenciling. If…

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Wood patio cover

Transforming Your Patio with a Patio Cover

Patios are great. They increase the livable space of your home, giving you a place outside to relax and to entertain guests. They are beautiful and functional, adding both ambiance and property value to your home. Of course, without shelter, they’re also not much more than a makeshift floor in your backyard. With a patio…

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Fabric awnings

Types of Awnings

There are lots of ways we protect ourselves from the sun, wind, and rain. We wear sunglasses to save our eyes, hats to safeguard our heads, and visors to shield our face. So why would we expect less for our house, the ultimate example of shelter from the storm. But even our house sometimes needs…

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Front concrete patio

Patio Design 101

If you are retired, travel frequently, or simply don’t enjoy working on your landscaping and yard work, a small, low-maintenance patio is a good solution for you. Small patios can take up some of your yard space, thus reducing the amount you have to mow, landscape and maintain. Patio Design Ideas Small doesn’t have to…

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