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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

How Does HELOC Work? Home equity line of credit (HELOC) works like a credit line. You will receive special “equity” checks that can be used to advance yourself a loan up to your approved available balance. Simply write the loan amount you need. Some lenders will also provide credit card-like access to your HELOC line…

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Home Appraisals

There are any number of reasons why you might want to get a home appraisal. They can reduce your property taxes, aid in selling or buying a home, facilitate divorce proceedings, and enable home refinancing (including preventing foreclosure). Of course, depending on your circumstances, you may be hoping for a lower or higher home appraisal….

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Old home interior

5 Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling

It’s heading towards late summer and your house still has that “For Sale” sign out in the front yard. Remember, it’s not your house anymore, so you may have rearrange a few things in order to make it seem like somebody else’s dream home. Here are the top five reasons houses don’t sell, and how…

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New Homeowner Renovations

New Homeowner? Here Is What You Need to Know

When Carly Schuffler bought a charming, well-worn home in 2007, she had no idea what she had actually purchased: a money pit that forced her to take on some serious debt. According to Carly, before she could even move in, she needed to rewire the house, replace the furnace and remove a tree from the roof….

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Front yard curb appeal

Curb Appeal Checklist: A Quick Guide to a Snazzy Home Exterior

What do people think of your house when they drive by? If you’re unsure, your curb appeal could probably use a quick overhaul. Fortunately, giving your home an outdoor update doesn’t have to require thousands of dollars and a professional landscaping crew. Here’s a quick checklist to help you improve your home’s curb appeal. ☐…

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Home Sale Checklist

Checklist: 5 Steps to a Resale-Ready Home

If you’re selling your home, you’re probably hoping to sell it as quickly as possible — and to get top dollar for it too. Usually, it takes a little prep work to make that happen. Use this checklist to ensure that you’ve taken every step necessary to ready your home for resale. As they say…

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Downsize Your Home; Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Downsizing isn’t living with less — it’s living with what’s important. In fact, having fewer financial- and maintenance-related responsibilities will allow you to focus more on your happiness and less on your home. Here are a few tips to help you get started: Size up your downsize Exactly how small should you go? For starters,…

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New Homebuyer checklist

First-Time Homebuyer Basics for Getting Your House Set Up

First time homebuyers are often surprised at the amount of work involved not in just purchasing a property, but in setting up house, as well. Homemaking is a far more involved process when you own a house; while landlords and rental companies take care of many of the essentials when you lease, these responsibilities fall…

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Appealing front yard

Create a Welcoming Look

First impressions count for homes as much as they do for people, and your front yard curb appeal is a key factor in making that first impression a good one. If your home lacks curb appeal, you can take several steps to spruce it up; if you plan well, it doesn’t have to cost a…

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Home Exterior With Curb Appeal

Increase Your Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything – especially when selling a home. A homebuyer’s initial impression is based on their first view of a house, or rather its “curb appeal.” According to the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), nearly 50 percent of buyers make their decisions before stepping through the door. Chances are, people who end up…

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