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Which 5 States Had the Most Equity Gains in the Past Year?

In the past five years, the country’s homeowner equity has doubled – and this is driving billions of dollars’ worth of home improvement. But homeowners in which states are benefitting the most? According to a recent report from the mortgage data firm CoreLogic, five states stand out as the ones that have gained the most…

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How Likely You Are to Live in a Cramped Space in 25 Major U.S. Cities

The “Broom Closet” Index We ranked 25 metropolitan areas using an index that combined United States Census Bureau data on median housing unit size (combined house and apartment), median square foot of housing space per person, median monthly housing costs, and cost per living as determined by the Council for Community and Economic Research. We…

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Why Low Housing Inventory Leads to High Home Improvement Spending

Home shoppers around the country are frustrated. There aren’t enough homes for sale that meet their needs, and those that are available are often the subject of high price bidding wars. It’s no wonder that so many homeowners – Baby Boomers in particular — are finding it more sensible to stay in their current home…

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How to Renovate Your Home for Best Selling Value

Everyone selling a home wants to pad the profit margin and get top dollar for the property. Yet, buyers on the other end want to make sure they’re getting a deal. Fortunately, it’s possible to make both parties happy at the closing table. It all starts with an honest look at the house and careful…

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