24 Not-So-Human Hired Housekeepers, Butlers & Aides From Fiction

By HomeAdvisor

Updated October 19, 2016

Technology is changing so rapidly these days, and it looks like real-life robot butlers, home aides, and trash-munching bots are just around the corner, if not already here! How will we deal with these new electronic helpers and avoid them turning into our new robot overlords?!

Well, luckily, decades of movies, TV shows, and video games have given us a guide on how to handle the inevitability of giving our electronic counterparts some of humans’ more difficult jobs. These are some of the top robotic butlers, housemaids, janitors, caretakers, and helpers in fiction.

While real-life versions are less likely to produce emotions quite like many of the AIs on this list, these fictional robot housekeepers, butlers, and aides have terrified and delighted us (or both)!

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Not So Human Hired Help - by HomeAdvisor

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