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living room for walkthroughs

How to Renovate Your Home for Best Selling Value

Everyone selling a home wants to pad the profit margin and get top dollar for the property. Yet, buyers on the other end want to make sure they’re getting a deal. Fortunately, it’s possible to make both parties happy at the closing table. It all starts with an honest look at the house and careful…

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Simple Design and Neutral Colors

9 Amazing Bathroom Renovations to Inspire You

If you’ve lived in your house for a while or recently purchased an older home, then chances are that the design of your bathroom is a bit outdated. While the vinyl flooring and enamel tub may serve their purpose, the design leaves something to be desired. A renovation not only transforms your bathroom into a…

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Building a new home worker

7 Common Renovation Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Courtesy of A&M Construction A home renovation project is a great way to give your space a fresh new look. But these jobs often aren’t as easy as they seem, and can be tricky to tackle on your own. It’s important to research and prepare ahead of time to avoid making costly mistakes, and talk…

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Should You Move During Your Renovation?

Remodeling can be a very fun and rewarding experience, especially if the project has been a long time coming. However, the loud noises, lack of privacy, and overall messiness that comes with living through renovations is enough to drive even the most mellow homeowners batty! In many cases, dealing with home contractors is enough of…

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Luxury Kitchen

Remodeling Savvy: Affordable Luxuries for Your Home

Even if you’re remodeling on a budget, you can have those luxuries that seem out of reach. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, basement or even considering an addition, architects and interior designers have the insider tips to making those remodeling luxuries more affordable. Read on so you can, too. Affordable Kitchen Luxuries Granite…

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Home With Great Curb Appeal

3 Best Remodeling Tips: What The Pros Know

Any real estate pro can tell you there are 3 important areas to consider if you’re selling your home: curb appeal, kitchen, and bathrooms. But, why wait till you sell your home to shape up these areas? Follow the advice of real estate professionals to put your home’s best “face” forward even if you’re not…

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Tips For Converting Your Garage Into a Living Space

Guest post by Adorable Home c Nowadays, an average working family would have a least two cars at their disposal, so no wonder that houses with one or two garages are hot commodities strongly sought after on the real estate market. Still, even though garages are meant to store and protect the cars, many homeowners…

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Laundry Room

7 Essential Laundry Room Solutions

It’s dark and clammy. The air is so steamy you can hardly breathe. There’s unknown stuff in your path and hanging in your face. Strange noises are coming at you from all directions. Welcome to the average laundry room! In the last few years, remodelers and home builders have finally gotten serious about bathrooms and…

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Sunroom Addition

Reinvent Your Home: Additions and Remodeling

Homeowners may dream of building a custom home, but there are many ways to transform your current residence into your dream home – and it’s less expensive than building. Remodeling, especially kitchens and bathrooms, tops homeowners’ wish lists, but a better use of your budget might be to increase your living space with an addition….

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