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Window with Purple Wall

Windows: Let the Light Shine In!

Windows, more than almost any other feature, give a modern home its personality. When homebuyers are asked to describe a home they’ve toured, they usually include references to light in their description. Advances in window technology have made it possible for homeowners to greatly increase the number and size of windows without getting clobbered with…

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Bay Window

Custom Windows

There many different configurations of custom windows. Here are the most common: Fixed-non operable picture windows. Single hung, a window where the bottom sash slides up. Double hung, a window where the bottom sash slides up and the top sash slides down. Horizontal slider, which slides open to the side. Picture slider, which has 3…

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Custom Bathroom Windows

What Can Fabricated Custom Windows Add?

The simple answer is that custom windows can add a lot to your home, but the trick is deciding what you want to add. Visual appeal, energy-efficiency, and varying degrees of light and sound filtration are possible, but you can’t have it all. Why not? Well, a large, multi-sided bay window may be the perfect…

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Hurricane Shutters vs Storm Shutters

Hurricane shutters are commonly mistaken for storm shutters. While they are essentially the same thing, used for the same reason, hurricane shutters are used for the specific purpose of protecting your home’s doors and windows from hurricane-like weather, e.g. gale force winds, flying debris, hail, etc. To be sure, the distinction between to the two…

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House With Windows

Never Take Chances with Window Safety

Window safety is a paradoxical thing. On one hand, it is vital that you leave windows accessible and open so that they can serve as escape routes in case of a fire or other dangerous situations. On the other hand, falls from windows present a serious safety risk to children under 10, especially on upper…

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Exterior of a Home With Windows

Replacing Your Windows

Replacing windows is a home improvement project that makes sense in many ways. In older homes, window replacement is likely to make your home far more energy efficient. In just about any structure, it can both increase curb appeal and enhance the view from indoors, too! When it comes to installing new windows, homeowners will…

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Hurricane Shutters

What to Know for Hiring a Hurricane Shutter Installer

Hiring a Hurricane Shutter Installation Contractor Hiring a storm or hurricane shutter contractor involves dedicated research and asking the right questions. But it’s a niche market with specialists who do nothing but hurricane shutters and often windows and other storm retrofits. Like any other professional, have them do a site inspection, check credentials and get…

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Storm windows

Storm Window Condensation

Though there are many modern ways to make a home more efficient, storm window installation is one of the most practical in many scenarios. Especially in older homes where owners might want to keep original windows in tact, or in some cases are required by ordinance to do so, storm windows can reduce heating and…

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Smart Glass Windows

Smart Glass: A Solar Light Switch

Anytime you hear a home remodeling term with the word smart in it, you know you’re about to learn the latest in new technology. And though these inventions often sound more like science fiction, they are in fact becoming increasingly popular, especially among commercial development, which means that soon they’ll be showing up in the…

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Window Cleaning

How often do you wash your windows? Once a year? Twice a year? Never? You know it’s not enough. You’re probably sitting at your desk, looking out the window, trying to see if it’s a beautiful day or not, and there’s grime. Your view of the world is covered in grime. What is that black…

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