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Re-imagining the empire state building in different styles
lost buildings of america

Lost America: The Reconstruction of 7 Great US Buildings

A brick and mortar building can elicit a sense of nostalgia and longing. But why are we so fascinated with the buildings of the past? Perhaps it’s the mix of familiarity and strangeness that draws us in – we see a street we know so well, but with a time-traveling intruder atop it. In celebration…

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5 quaint tv towns mapped

Life in the Slow Lane: 5 Quaint TV Towns, Mapped

As we tune into our favorite TV shows week after week, the characters and locations can start to feel as familiar as our real lives. Whether you’re into the historic architectural styles of New England or the stately homes of the deep south, who hasn’t wished they could live in one of the cozy towns…

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The Backyard Shipwright: How to Set Up Your Own Mini-Shipyard

So, you want to build a boat? In your backyard? By hand? Truthfully, constructing a vessel that will hold a human (or several) without taking it on water is tricky. It requires ample space, skill and patience, not to mention time and money. Most boat-building ventures take at least six months, working in the evenings…

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The Simpsons’ Living Room in 6 Interior Design Styles

There aren’t many living rooms as instantly familiar as the one belonging to the Simpsons family. And while much has changed since they first appeared on screen, the décor of that room in the opening credits has remained the same. The design style is intentionally simple and understated, reflecting the premise that the Simpsons could…

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home of seven famous people

The Many Homes of 7 Famous People

The homes of the rich and famous have moved beyond a subject of mild curiosity, becoming a genuine part of pop culture. The media has allowed us to get a peek behind the (usually) closed doors, providing inspiration for our own homes – or items to add to our wish lists. But there’s often an…

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Young couple and guests toasting with champagne during wedding reception in backyard

How to Prep Your Home for a Backyard Wedding or Reception

Traditional wedding venues are still the most popular place to get married. For the most part, they’re also the most expensive and offer the fewest customization options. That’s why couples who are trying to save money or create a more laid-back vibe for their special day are choosing to forgo the elevated price tag and…

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Home with furniture patio / wooden deck at twilight.

Home Renovations that Will Make You Happiest This Year

Published in March, 2018 If home is where the heart is, it doesn’t hurt to have a kitchen that’s enjoyable to cook in or a bathroom that makes getting ready in the morning easier. Improvement projects in those rooms ranked high for homeowners across the country in the 2018 Homeowner Happiness Index. Here are some…

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Happy child holding green house in hands with green background.

Home Science: Backyard Conservation

Environmental conservation is an important issue in today’s world, and there are lots of ways to help in your own backyard. Now more than ever, it is vital to preserve our planet and its natural resources, like water, soil, plants and wildlife. Everyone can help out by recycling, using less water, and making the community…

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Lilac color accent in modern interior. Comfortable bed with book and bouquet in bedroom

How To Use Color Theory in Home Interior Design

Color theory involves the study of hues and how to use them in harmony. It’s helpful in design because it informs a palette that work well together. These choices play a key role in the overall environment of a home because color can influence moods, feelings and even increase how much sleep you get. You…

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